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Instagram puzzles me. It's a photo album of whatever people are doing at some moment. What puzzles me is why I would want to know that you are sitting in some foodie place eating whatever?

Instagram is not the first web photo album, just the current popular one. We all know Facebook (they own Instagram), Reddit, and some oldies like MySpace have photo albums. Those sites puzzle me too.

I have looked around the web for some answers as to why Instagram is so popular. Some psychology and anthropology experts have posed theories:
We like to share. OK I get that. We want to share with our friends and our friends want to share with us. That's the Social part of social media. So why drag the rest of us into it? I say text them privately. We fear missing out (FOMO) - worried that your friend and the rest of the world are doing something you should know about. Honestly, this isn't true. Your friends are doing the same as you and you know no one need worry about what you are …

Who Shot Paulie? Classic Scenes from the ADHD MInd

Anyone, of any age, who deals with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) will relate to the following story.Anyone who thinks they won’t – who thinks ADHD is the exclusive realm of little boys who can’t sit still in the classroom – needs to understand that “hyperactivity” can refer to mentalhyperactivity as well as physical.
Like this morning. I got out of bed later than usual and realized that my sluggishness had to do with the medium-severity headache I’d awakened with. Only one cure for that, of course: Excedrin (or the generic equivalent). Coffee to wash it down with…might as well combine two essential tasks. So there I am, waiting for my coffee to brew, and for some completely unknown reason, a line fromThe Godfatherpops into my head. “Leave the gun. Take the cannolis.” Now, I already knew that Richard Castellano, in his role as Pete Clemenza, was the person who said that. I also knew that when he said it, he was on a deserted beach road on Long Island, having gotten out …

Live Long and Prosper

Sorry for your loss, Sorry for your loss, Sorry for your loss, repeated each mourner as they passed Widower Johnson.
The deceased, Mrs. Josefa Johnson, JJ to friends and acquaintances, died in a car accident. A tragedy. Her car smashed into the back of a tractor trailer in the Interstate Highway.  She was only two hundred and sixty-three years old and just reaching middle age.

Poor Widower Johnson. Mrs. Johnson’s passing was a brutal blow. It was unexpected. They were married for only thirty-three years, still in their honeymoon stage. Of small consolation to Widower Johnson was that he was now well off. Mrs. Johnson was covered by accident insurance with a double indemnity payout. There was her savings too, all two hundred and thirty-one years of it. Mrs. Johnson was monetarily worth more dead than alive.
Last in the procession of mourners was Jack Requiem, an employee of the Life Lottery Commission. The deceased, Mrs. Johnson, was the current Lottery winner. Mr. Requiem’s function wa…

Birth of a Salesman

We all sell all the time to each other and we do it as bad amateurs.

When we think of selling and of salespeople, we mean the salespeople we meet in car dealerships or in appliance stores. Those are the professional salespeople. They have been trained and know their products and how to sell them. We can call them, Salesperson, First Class.

There are salespeople we meet in department stores or at the front counter of MacDonald's. They are the customer service people. When we want help, we go to them. Unfortunately, we often discover that they don't know the products and are not much help. We can call them, Salesperson, Second Class.

Then there is the rest of us. We engage in selling but don't always recognize that we are doing so. For example, a job interview. A job interview is a process where you present a sales pitch for yourself. You try to answer the employer's question, why should I hire (buy) you over that other guy? Sometimes, we get a rudimentary training in job i…

Money is the way

Here in America, we are serious about money. We have many, many proverbs that offer money advice.

Time is Money. This is the one repeated the most. We know this to be true because that is how most of us get paid for the work we do. We are paid on an hourly basis. That is, we sell our time to our employers. It's funny, our employers are far more interested in our skills but they pay us for our time.

Penny wise, pound foolish. Now this is the one that most of us get so wrong. My favorite example - not such a good example but a fine story - is the person who drives all over town to many stores to get a few cent off on sales. What is missed by this person is how much is spent on gas driving from store to store. Here is how this person goes wrong: I am saving pennies today which I can see in my pocket and I can still see the dollars (pounds in the proverb because we used to be an English colony) in my pocket although I have to spend the same dollars for gas two days from now.

Money will n…

These Stupid Wise Men

Once again, Congress has disappointed me. It's the Supreme Court hearings for Judge Kavanaugh. Judge Kavanaugh was accused of bad behavior as a young man.

As I write this, Congress has not yet voted Judge Kavanaugh in as Justice of the Supreme Court. It is expected that Congress will do so in a few days. I am so disappointed in Congress. I am so disappointed in the Republican leaders. There are a million lawyers in this country. You mean to tell me that the President and Congress cannot find one lawyer who is wise and has no blemishes lurking in their background to put on the Supreme Court?

Judge Kavanaugh disappointed me. Here was an opportunity for him to show some wisdom and why he should be placed on the Supreme Court. The accusation, as in many of these sexual assault cases, is a he said, she said, story. This is no different from many of the cases that will appear before Judge Kavanaugh as a Justice of the Supreme Court. We got an insight into how he is likely to respon…