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Black to the Future

Global Chronicle News Dispatch System
Press release date: October 17, 2020

Yesterday was an auspicious day for the Jenner/Kardashian clan. Caitlyn Jenner (nee Bruce Jenner) announced that she was transforming from a white woman into a black woman. Said Caitlyn, “I have been very happy in the many years since I became a woman but there was something missing. I had a sense of incompleteness. Then, I was watching Serena Williams win her twenty-eighth Grand Slam title when I realized what was missing, I should have been a black woman.”

The transformation from a white woman to a black woman will be done at the renowned Swiss Dermatological Institute in Bern. The Institute has treatments that increase the melanin in the body for those patients who have certain skin ailments.

Continued Caitlyn, “The doctors at the Institute have agreed to give me the treatments to change my skin tone from white to black. The process will take approximately six months. I hope to become as beautifully dark-to…

Star Gazing

Most tourists go to Hollywood when they want to see movie stars. That makes sense for them because they don't know any better. The people who live here in LA don't go to Hollywood to see movie stars. We know better. I tell you a secret, we go to LAX. Movies are made on location these days, all over the world, and movie stars are always flying someplace.

I like sitting in LAX hunting for big movie stars. It's air conditioned. I used to come here almost every day as a youngster. But I am older now, with a wife, kids and a job. I can only come on holidays. Holidays are great. Lots of travelers and the odds go up dramatically that I will see movie stars.

Why, just last Memorial Day, I saw John Wayne, dressed in his Green Beret uniform, patrolling the halls of LAX. He was accompanied by Jack Soo in his Vietnamese Army uniform. A few weeks later, on The Fourth of July, I saw James Cagney tap dancing in the walkways, singing "Yankee Doodle Dandy."

The best holiday to come …

Rules For Life

I stumbled across a book blurb on the internet, 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson. Never heard of him but I see that he is now rich and famous. I am like, What?? If he can do it so can I.
"Rules of life" is not new. God started us on this path with The Ten Commandments. Can’t go wrong with The Ten Commandments so why do we need any other rules of life? I don’t know, but that will not stop me from creating my own.
Firstly, there are rules for creating rules of life: 1. It should be short sentences. 2. It should be simple. 3. It should be wise. 4. It should fit on only one page of your book. 5. It should make you rich and famous.
My favorite example is The Four Agreements: 1. Be impeccable with your word. 2. Don't take anything personally. 3. Don't make assumptions. 4. Always do your best.

Short, only four rules; simple and easy to understand without having to read the book; and it made the author rich and famous.
Psychologists have become jealous of the rules of life. They …

Conversation on the train

From the train doorway, Jack spotted the empty seat down the aisle. He pushed forward, elbowing his way while shouting, “Excuse me, excuse me, coming through,” hoping the seat would still be there. He made it. 

Next to him sat a woman, dressed in a white silk sequin gown, dark curly hair down to her shoulders, smokey eye liner, exaggerated eyelashes and red lipstick. 

Jack: Man, the train is crowded today. Amazing that this seat was still here.
Her: Yes, you would think that I scare people.
Jack: Not likely. You have a beautiful smile. Her: Thank you. You're cute too. Jack: Are you a model?
Her: Yes. I wanted to be a model ever since I saw Clara Bow at her Wingsmovie premier at the Criterion Theater.
Jack: Clara Bow?
Her: Clara Bow was beautiful and glamorous that night. I started to dress like her. Every day I went to school in a gown, hair done up, and rouge make up. My grade school principal called my mom and told her I needed help. My mom told him to behave himself. "One day sh…

Shopping for Foreigners

I am sitting in a high-end shopping mall, in my favorite place outside Nordstrom, sipping coffee and watching shoppers. I hear a conversation in French.

I am guessing they are tourists and, like me, are here to see what a high-end mall is like. They may come from a place where there is no high-end mall and this is an adventure for them. If I were them, I would be hauling around the mall a couple of large suitcases and filling them up with goodies to take back home. 

I could be wrong about the tourists. I see no suitcases just some regular shopping bags. My second guess is that these tourists are here to see where the locals live and shop. They want to know how we live our lives here and how that compares to theirs back in France. Not an unreasonable thing as I do the same whenever I travel and that includes parts of the USA. I wonder if they like what they see of the USA?

It's only fair that as they are watching me, I am watching them. They seem no different from me, just people goin…

My New Best Friend - introduction

There is a lady in my office who has become my new best friend and... we don't get along.

Her name is Sally, not her real name of course. Names are important. Names can describe who or what is named, or foretell what a person is like. None of that applies here. I chose Sally for its symbolism. Change one itty bitty letter and Sally becomes a completely different word - Sally is Silly, Silly is Sally

It is indicative of life that one small change can have large impacts. It's like the fabled butterfly that flaps its wings in Brazil and a hurricane hits Nevada. Probably choosing the name Sally says more about me than it does about my new BFF. How silly of me.

Since I have given Sally a name, I should give myself a name too.  You can call me Harry, after Prince Harry, not the When Harry met Sally movie.

Sally joined our office over ten years ago. She came from some other part of the company. A promotion I think. It's only recently that Sally became my BFF. There was some self s…