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Highly Legal

by The Urban Blabbermouth
It is odd how marijuana became legal: People voted on it. As far as I know, it's the only drug that is treated this way.

Normally, it's the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) here in the U.S. that figures these things out. Doctors and researchers run tests, and the FDA reviews the results and decides, Yea or Nay. But for marijuana, the people voted to make it legal. What do we, the voters, know about medicine?

We hold opinions that have no basis in medicine. Those who smoke marijuana and feel good using it want to legalize. Others see marijuana as a gateway drug - if you smoke marijuana, you will end using heroin/cocaine. This is so emotional and not based on any health research.

We are in this odd voting dilemma because of weak-willed politicians. Politicians are seeking votes and will pander to voters. I give you what you want, legal marijuana, right or wrong, and you will vote for me. It's the worst side of politicians.

Then pop culture pres…

Unlucky in Luck

fiction by The Urban Blabbermouth
~Happy Milestone Birthday from Vol-E!!~

My father died last month. I did not see him much in recent years. I believe that my father loved me and my mom, but his life just got away from him. In my early teen years, he started to drink to relieve the pressure of life and became a drunk. He was a mean drunk. His violence, fueled by anger, came between my father and mother. My mom left him and she moved across the country, taking me with her.

My father left me his most treasured possession: his lucky coin. It was a silver dollar. He found it on the sidewalk when he started his first job as a grocery delivery boy. He took this to be a lucky sign that he was going to make it in this world, to be a rich and successful man. With the start of each new business venture, he would bring it out and show it to my mom and me, saying, "This coin is Manna dropped by God in my path to tell me my future fortune. This time, the coin will do its work and we will be …

The Last Wizard - part 2

by The Urban Blabbermouth
~ Please read the first part of The Last Wizard before reading this part. Thanks.

* * * It was Mats’s eleventh birthday.  He sat at the pool-side table waiting for his birthday party to start. Robert, his teenage cousin, waited with him. A water balloon appeared over Mats's head.

“What???” Mats screamed as the cold water drenched him.

He stood, eyes blazing, looking around for the attacker. He turned towards the laughter, and there, across the yard, were his little sisters, the oldest holding a water balloon. Mats stepped toward his sisters, stopped, stretched out his arm and pointed his finger at them. The balloon rose from the girl's hand into the air and burst over the pair. They screamed as the cold water drenched them. Robert burst out laughing as he tossed a towel to Mats from the pool-side rack.

“See, that is what you get for being pests!” Mats yelled at them as he toweled himself.

“You are so awful. We just wanted you to loosen up so you will have so…

Coffee - It's a Real Thing

by Vol-E

Time for a rant!*

Listen up, all you young whippersnappers who work in the fast food industry. I know they don't pay you nearly enough, but in the near future, when you go on to much bigger and better things, you will quickly learn to adapt to your workplace, in hopes of attaining advancement, by learning everything you can about your industry and your customers.

You already know this. So why not start right now?

As a customer, I don't care how old you are, what religion you are, or what your personal aesthetics are. If you serve coffee, please have some respect for the customers who come into your establishment and ask for it.

Here are some coffee basics:

1. Timing is Everything
Learn to tell, by taste and smell, when coffee has begun the biological process of turning into toxic waste. When it reaches that stage, IT'S TIME TO DUMP IT OUT AND CLEAN THE COFFEE MAKER. Scrub the inside of it every now and then. Just for the sake of good karma. Please. Keep that inter…

Fame with no Name

by The Urban Blabbermouth
At some moment, we begin to wonder why are we here and what to do with being here.  That moment tends to come when we are at life’s solstice, that moment when we are equidistant in years in front as years in back. 

Psychologists call that moment, a mid-life crisis.  The quickest way to answer the “OMG, what have I done with myself” moment is to look at your accomplishments, the ones that mattered, the ones that changed the world. 

There are great and accomplished people amongst us.  They surround us.  There are statues naming the greats, parks named after them, or perhaps a plaque or two somewhere mentioning their names in bronze.  I have seen buildings with people’s names and I have no idea who they are.   As it turns out, my name does not appear in any of those places.

My accomplishments are not public and are harder to discern.  Sometime in my life, I said a kind word to a person who went on to have a child and that child went on to save the world.  Yes, it…

The Last Wizard