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An amazing gift for my wife

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Just another meme

It's been awhile since I did one of these, so feel free to cut & paste and add your own.

What's your favorite name for a guy?

What's your favorite card in the deck?

What's your favorite bird?

What's your favorite drink?

How do you like to wear your clothes?

What's your favorite animal?

What's your favorite tree?

Who's your favorite children's author?

What's your favorite way to end a war?

Who's your favorite Greek god?

What's your favorite angle?

What's your favorite hair styling product?

What's your favorite part of a train?

The end.

Aspiring long-timer and proud of it (or, Gimme gimme gimme that watch!)

Where I work, you're a long-ish timer if you attain 20 years. They give you a little green, and a card, and depending on which site you're at, your manager and co-workers throw you a party, which sometimes ends up in the company newsletter. More than a few people have made it to 40 years and beyond. No, not the "great beyond." Other than the company founder, now in his mid-90s and no longer able to visit the office, no one has been there more than 45 years, but that could change.

My son's paternal grandfather was given a gift when he retired from a restaurant-supply company in the Bronx: a figurine of a tired-looking man, embossed "Be nice to me, I've had a hard day." Except the word "day" had been taped over with "32 years."  Here was someone who had joined the company immediately after returning home from Europe at the end of World War II.

My own father retired shortly after attaining 25 years with a vending-machine company. N…

Knights in White Satin

"Not guilty, Your Highness," rebounded off the walls in the Great Hall. The words had boomed out of Lady Jennifer, Captain of the Queen's Bodyguards, as she stood at parade rest before the King and on display before gossiping nobility and unseen servants. 

"Did you kill them?" asked the King from his throne on the dais.

"It was in the line of duty, Your Highness."


"I was in the stables for my horse when I came upon the Captain of the Royal Guard and a scullery maid and --"

"You dispatched them with your spear?" interrupted the King as he leaned forward glaring at Lady Jennifer.

"Yes Your Highness, I leaped, piecing them with one stroke, pinning them in position and to the ground." A slight smile appearing on the corners of her mouth.

"You are proud of this?"

"Yes Your Highness," replied Lady Jennifer looking the King in the eye. "I am a Knight in White Satin, one of the Queen's G…

The Door Of Life - part two

Here is the link to The Door of Life - part one While writing Part One, many variations, all rejected, passed through my mind.  Here are some of them:

“Mommy, why do you have a door on your forehead?” “It's so I can air out my head.”
“Is that why daddy calls you an air head?”
“He does?”
“How come daddy doesn't have a door on his forehead too?”
“Because he's a blockhead.”

“Mommy, why do you have a door on your forehead?”
“Oh honey, nothing awful. It's so I can get bad thoughts out of my head.”
“How come daddy doesn't have a door on his forehead too?”
“Your father needs a washing machine for his thoughts.”

“Which door will you chose?” asked The Fairy Godmother.
“Door number 3,” answered Cinderella, happily jumping up and down. "Congratulations! You have won an embroidered evening gown, a beautiful jewel encrusted carriage, an invitation to the King's Ball, and best of slippers.” ---------------
Oh Great Wise Man says,…

The Door Of Life - part one

Turning to look at her mom, baby Jessica said, “Mommy, why do you have a door on your forehead?” 

It was after lunch and Jessica sat on her mom's lap holding her picture book, Creatures of the Forest.

“Oh honey, nothing awful. It's so I can get my bad thoughts out of my head," replied her mom.

Jessica turned to her book and touched the face of a bear. “Mommy, how come daddy doesn't have a door on his forehead too?”

“Your father has a door by his heart to let love in.”

Jessica rubbed her hand along the page, petting the bear. "How come I don't have a door?"

"You will, sweetie. When you grow up, you get a door where you need it the most."

Turning to reach for her mom. "Can I touch your door?"

Her mom leaned her head back, "No Honey, only I can do that. It's not nice to touch other people's doors."

"Oh, okay." Jessica turned back to her book and turned the page to a picture of four robins perched on a tree branch. S…

Dress Up Day

I went to my office wearing black jeans, a blue plaid lumberjack flannel shirt not tucked in, and blue soft-sole mesh-topped walking shoes. I love those shoes. You know the kind, made with the super-light and super-soft foam soles that conform to the shape of your feet. Amazingly comfortable.

The thing is, I work in a professional office, and it was a Thursday.

For many years now, we had Dress Down Friday. Dress Down Friday has become Dress Down All Week. I rarely see anyone in suits anymore. Some guys do come to the office in shirt and ties, mainly the old guys. Dresses are rare also. Just about every lady wears pants and a blouse. 

Our Friday Dress Code (now an all-week dress code) is really small: no jeans (interpreted as blue jeans), no torn anything, no tees, no low-cut blouses and no short skirts. The last two were added because a couple of young ladies showed up in the office dressed exactly like that. They would have fitted in at a nightclub with no wardrobe change. 

I suspect th…