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The Grandma Niche

What? I didn't tell you about my grandbaby? Oh, sure I did! I wouldn't be a grandma if I didn't brag obsessively about the little rugrat who's currently toddling his way into my heart.

No, actually, I haven't done much of that since he came into the world nearly a year and a half ago. He's doing fine. Unfortunately, I don't get to see much of him because my evil son and his wife took the helpless munchkin and moved north, about 100 miles (and one time zone) away.

Okay, okay, they're not evil at all. In fact, they're extremely responsible parents, looking for the right home and set of circumstances in which to raise Tyler. That means moving away from our growing city to a place with lower rents but also fewer abundant employment opportunities. That means my son works two jobs. His wife works one, and when both parents are out earning a living, a friend takes care of Tyler, who likes it just fine.

My husband Carl, who is actually zero blood relation …

Art of Seduction

A colleague at work recommended The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene.It’s exactly what you think, a book of strategies to seduce men and women.

As typical guys do, my colleague and I were chatting about women.My colleague expressed reservations about a new relationship with a woman he met and he was using this book as a guide to make up his mind.He picked up on something about her – he did not say what – that left him concerned.

My first impression of The Art of Seduction is, how cynical.We all have used seduction techniques at some point.Think how much time you spend selecting your clothes for your date because you want to look attractive to the other person.The thing is that both of you are interested in dating each other.The implication from this book is to use deception because your target is uninterested in you and you can pretend to be someone they might like to well, sleep with.

My second impression is, this book is useful.There are femme fatales lurking out there.I have no idea …

Let us Feed You!

Do you know about Feedly? If not, you should!

Feedly is a great news aggregator. If you love our blog, and who doesn't, you certainly don't want to miss a post by Vol-E or The Urban Blabbermouth. With Feedly, you can request updates as they occur from nearly any website or blog. You can sort your feeds by category. Then all you have to do is go into My Feedly, select "Today" or "All," and all of our posts will be delivered straight to you. It's like binge-watching on Netflix.

Many people discovered Feedly when Google Reader went away. Here's a description of how it works:

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My New Year's Resolutions 2018

Yup, it's that time.

I resolve to lose ten pounds  -- This one is a tradition.  BUT,  this year I know I will lose weight.  I am sure I will make this one because I did lose ten pounds in 2017.  It was not for strong willful determination pushing me to succeed but my health.  My doctor said, "lose weight or have health problems."  I heard, "lose the weight or DIE!!!!" 

I resolve to eat better -- It's not my fault that I do not eat enough vegetables.  Meat just tastes better.  Sauteing vegetables in pounds of pork fat seems wrong to me.

I resolve to go to the gym -- I worry that as I age, I am losing muscle.  I don't want to become frail and fragile.  Got to start lifting weights.  I have hand weights, but going to the gym and seeing all those overly enthusiastic gym rats is an inspiration.

I resolve to be friendlier -- This is new.  It occurred to me that as I get older, I seem to have fewer and fewer friends.  Not sure why. Maybe I tire easil…

The Dream is Comedy

As a dedicated journal fanatic, I will often record my dreams when I remember them. Going back through old journals recently, I ran across a number of long-forgotten scenarios, many of which elicited a smile of recognition.

Here's one...

Randy, the sales manager where I worked, needed some names entered into the fax machine for mass mailings. The list was extremely long. The first name on it was "John F. Kennedy." 

I set to work keying in the name and fax number but the machine refused to accept it. After several attempts, I dragged out the 400-page user manual and thumbed to "Entering recipients in the fax directory."

The manual explained to me that I needed first to enter the lyrics to an old 1960s song by Dion, "Abraham, Martin and John." The mechanics of the operation required that I key it in word by word, letter by letter. It was a funny keyboard that only allowed me to use one finger, and since I was holding the manual (and presumably a printed s…

I ate that?

Lucrecia fired her phasor, stunning the Seraltaun guard at the prison's security console. Stepping to the console, Lucrecia retrieved the inmate manifest.

“Hmm, Cell One Eleven.”

Setting her phasor to destroy, she blew open the lock of Cell One Eleven.

“Captain Dennison? Are you in there?”

“Who are you?” asked the Captain.

“It’s me, Lucrecia, the ship’s battle computer.”

“What? This is a trick!” replied the Captain

“No Captain, it is me Lucrecia. Your last order to me was to not the let the fucking Seraltaun Frogs capture the ship”

“It is you. How?”

“I used the human genome from the research library to grow a body in the mess hall food replicator. The RoboDOC transplanted one of my back-up positronic brains.”

“Unbelievable. Where is my crew?”

“The manifest says that they are in cells on this level.”

A light ray hit Lucrecia in the back as Seraltaun guards filled the hallways. Lucrecia fell on her face, trembled, and …