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Random Sunday Post

Several times every Friday I say goodnight to co-workers as they leave, and usually wish them "a good weekend, and a long one."

Well, it's almost time to head back to that place again.  Where the hell did this weekend go?

Yesterday was fine 'n' dandy.  Slept in, but still got quite a bit done and felt energetic. The weather, in this little corner of the South that's experienced unprecedented winter precip, was fantastic. I'm not proud of not having gone for the walk I intended, but I did get the errands run and the clothes washed.

But today? Feh. Got up at 8 to drive Carl to work; originally planned to play hooky from church but then discovered that the guest speaker was a member of the congregation that I like and wanted to support, so the plan was to get ready and go, after returning from dropping Carl off. But my first priority on all of these return trips is food -- my "stomach clock" goes off around 9:30 every Sunday morning and I spend the entire 9-mile ride back home thinking of what my breakfast is going to be. It's usually something weird, and today was no exception. It turned out to be ramen noodles with unsalted vegetable broth, rather than that sodium-bomb dreck that comes in the little packet. I also attempted to make Alton Brown's sardine toast, and overall it wasn't too bad (rye or pumpernickel bread would have made it much better than the honey wheat I was stuck with). It was the first time I'd ever eaten sardines in any form other than straight out of the can. The cat appreciated my sharing; no surprise there.

Halfway through this repast I noticed that a headache had sprouted, so I gave up the church plan without much of a fight. Noodled on the net for awhile; watched something mindless on TV for an hour or so; sliced up a cucumber and enjoyed it with ranch dressing; ran the dishwasher and retired to bed with Jeffery Deaver's The Cold Moon, and my faithful feline companion. The cordless phone was by the bed, because by now it was 2:30 and Carl usually calls me from the grocery store between 4:30 and 5:00 pm to pick him up from his weekly food-shopping blowout. I dozed briefly, but mostly read and played with the cat. Carl ended up calling right at 4:45 and I was already up, putting on my shoes. And now it's evening; the sun's down; the thermometer is back below 60, and this day has been an absolute waste. I didn't go for a walk yesterday or today; am thinking about posting something on Facebook for next weekend, seeing if any local folk(s) might want to walk so I'll have some motivation and accountability.

But I honestly cannot figure out where this day went!  Especially between 10:00 and about 1:30. For the most part, I was on the computer all of that time ... but doing what?

Glad yesterday wasn't a waste; at least I have that. Maybe this week at the office will be constructive.



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