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N-next w-week should be b-b-better-r-r

Sometime in the next 7-10 days, we may go back to taking hot showers again. That would be nice. I'm not complaining, mind you -- I'm quite aware that having one's water heater die just as the daily  high temps are hitting the mid-to-upper 80s is otherwise known as "getting a break."
Heating water on the stove seemed like too much work, so until the middle of this week I was experimenting with different ways to take ice-cold showers without coming out of it depressed. Rinsing my hair by leaning forward was preferable to having the cold water go down my back.  What I noticed, however, was that, scrub as you will, cold water just doesn't get soap off your body. You end up feeling sticky, though you do smell nice. My hair will never win any prizes, but at least it looked clean. Turns out, using warm water makes all the difference. Who knew? I'd also swear that my mop looks distinctly grayer now than it did before the heater bid us its abrupt farewell. Actually, not all that abrupt: it had been failing for a couple of years. A few days before it abandoned us to our chilly fate, it flamed, just as a light bulb will before it burns out, and nearly scalded us. 

Carl is the one who's having a real problem with this. He's so skinny, his tolerance for cold is very low. He refrained from showering altogether on the days he was off from work.  But I finally gave in and followed his lead in taking a pan of hot water from the kitchen to the bathroom. A big cup to pour it here and there helped. I was rather amazed at how good that warm water felt.

Sunday, we thought our ordeal was soon to be ending. A customer of Carl's is a plumber. He came over at no charge, reset our ailing appliance, and said he'd try to find us a reconditioned heater and install it (in the furnace closet, rather than the muddy crawlspace where it was installed by the previous owner) for an amount we could (barely) afford. But while he was able to find us a working heater, the cost of the unit plus installation was beyond our means, and he refused to take partial payments over time. 

Carl's co-worker has offered to put a heater and installation on her Lowe's card, provided we can pay everything back to her in six months. This, we can do. We'll even throw in dinner at a restaurant of her choice. She didn't have to do this. We're enormously grateful to her.

Now, if nothing else goes wrong around here, we'll be able to relax and enjoy marking 5 years in this otherwise warm & pleasant house.


Anonymous said…
The hot water in my house is iffy too, so I've gotten used to the cold water treatment. Maybe a little hot water here and there will help my tired hair and skin. Thanks for the tip.

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