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Me, the Reader July 17, 2011

Google Reader is a great way to keep up with any website that has an RSS feed. Kind of a one-stop shop, it's an alternative to surfing around, trying to remember what your favorites are, or digging around in your Bookmarks. I find it convenient to visit Reader right after checking Gmail, since the link to Reader is at the top of the page.

Many of the bloggers I follow on Reader offer a daily, weekly, or otherwise occasional listing of sites they've been following, which offers opportunities to add still more sites to my growing list.

So, today, I thought I'd return the favor.  I'll add to this as the days go by.
My Reader is divided into categories, with the first one being "Mind and Body."

A couple of years ago, I had an epiphany that my difficulties in elementary school, and later in marriage, had to do with an undiagnosed case of Attention-Deficit Disorder.  My dad had it (also undiagnosed), and since it's known to be an inherited condition, this made perfect sense.

ADDitude may be one of the best-known resources for information on this condition. Judging from my Evernote file, this is where most of my clipped articles on the subject come from. Edward Hollowell, who wrote Driven to Distraction is on the board of advisors for the organization that publishes ADDitude. The site itself is a bit on the cluttered and commercial side, but the articles are now searchable and of excellent quality. is a sometimes underappreciated source. It's been around for a long time. I remember in 2000, riding the New York subways and seeing posters that described it as "What you'd get if your smart mentor had an even smarter mentor." My doctor has referred me to the site numerous times. Another good place for straightforward information on ADHD.

The National Institute of Mental Health is a US government agency concerned with research into a variety of mental-health issues. Beyond ADHD, the site is a fascinating read.

Daniel Amen, MD is a brain researcher who is often seen on PBS. He offers thought-provoking articles on the connections between nutrition, exercise and brain health. Like ADDitude, he wants you to buy his products and services, but there is nonetheless much of value at his website. 

StopStressingNow is yet another commercial site, but the articles that pop up in my Google Reader every one to two days often have a way of making me grab the mouse and hurry to click them. They seem to appear just when I need help with a stress-related problem.

One of my blogroll categories (down along the right-hand side of this page) is Neurodiversity. The autism spectrum continues to fascinate. Please check out the sites listed here.


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