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Fellow Mortal Beings, in Real Life

It's nearing the day when my co-workers and I will be screened to determine our health insurance rate after the middle of the year.  Other than the unshakable sense among us of being invaded and ill-used (there may still be a few of us who decide at the very last minute that we ain't gonna step on the scale or roll up our sleeves), the event has given rise to some interesting conversations that might not have taken place otherwise.

Once upon a time when we were young, it was common to think that people who suffered from chronic illnesses were as strange and unfathomable as the patrons of the Mos Eisley Cantina.  Diabetes, arthritis, COPD, gout -- those were problems we associated with strangers in magazines or perhaps distant relatives whose entire lives seemed to be made up of doctor visits, cabinets filled with exotic potions and paraphernalia, and an endless litany of complaints.

At least, that was my experience.