Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Calm Before the Flurry

Things have been crazy since Tennessee had its "snowpocalypse" in mid-January. I missed a medical checkup that week due to the snow, so it had to be rescheduled. Also missed that month's small-group session at church. Saw the gynecologist January 24th. Rescheduled my regular MD appointment for Monday February 7th. February's small-group session on the 8th, group facilitator meeting the 9th, neighborhood "graduation" ceremony the 10th (the same day that we experienced a plumbing mishap that saturated our carpets in one room and the hall -- lacking funds for even a Rug Doctor, we had to simply wait it out, light candles, sprinkle baby powder and just wait for it to dry up. Took about a week. Carl took that day off from work because he was "upset.").  Saturday the 12th I took my kitty to the vet. I had already scheduled her to be spayed on the 17th, but wanted to get the doctor's opinion on her fitness for such surgery, given her skin & teeth problems. My instincts were on target: the doctor recommended postponing the spay and instead having her teeth done under anesthesia. They cleaned them and pulled 3. Between those two visits to the vet I had to help plan a quarterly birthday observance at work, cook and shop for a baby shower the same day that I retrieved Precious from the vet after her surgery.  In the midst of all of this I've been working on creating a poster for a Mardi Gras event at church. Could have done the whole thing in one shot, but my mind is so damn disorganized, it required three or four trips to Kinkos before I was able to deliver the finished product to church today.

But the craziness is over for a few days. I do have to set up a safety meeting at work this coming Thursday and do a safety webex call Friday. Next Sunday I'm greeting at church. Tuesday is our make-up small group meeting, where we finalize plans for Mardi Gras.  March 4th is the church "fellowship" event where we hit people up for annual pledges, and the 8th is Mardi.  Somewhere in there is the neighborhood association: probably the executive committee meeting on Saturday the 5th and the regular neighborhood meeting Thursday the 10th.

Then things will calm down.

I hope.