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Münchhausen by Internet - No joke

If you're reading this post, you've almost certainly used the Internet before, even if you just started recently. More likely, you've been doing this "web" thing for some time. Most of the bloggers I follow have been "in the business" for at least five years, some closer to ten. The fact that you read a blog, or keep one, indicates a degree of sociability.You care about people, or people-related issues, and wish to have people care about you, or those subjects that matter the most to you.
You might be dysfunctional -- and I'm not judging.  But you might be.  For some people, the lure of a mass audience tuned in to their personal issues is irresistible. It can be (pardon the cliché) a slippery slope, in which that little bit of attention is a drug of sorts, leading you to put out more "bait," even if it turns out to be phony as a plastic fishing fly.
Jenny Kleeman's recent piece in the Guardian explores a phenomenon that's come to be …