Monday, April 4, 2011

A Lady With a Past

I often wonder what my cat's life was like before she adopted me in the church parking lot 15 months ago. I know that she was very skinny and dirty, and the tip of her tail was bent at an angle, later to fall off. She looked like a kitten, maybe a year old, but the vet looked at her teeth, and they betrayed her age at something close to five. She's since put on more than three pounds and the worst of her teeth have been extracted and the rest cleaned. But the front ones are gone, which is why that little pink tongue sticks out more often than not.

I'm sure she had owners at some point, since she was box-trained and didn't run from us. In fact, she seemed to have a plan that night. Something like "I will get adopted by some human TONIGHT, if I have anything to say about it!"  For awhile I wondered why animals often look to us for rescue and protection. What is it about our species that makes them pick us, instead of dogs or horses?  But I've since come to realize that her previous experiences with homo sapiens must have been what guided her. But how she ended up in the church parking lot is a question never to be answered.

However, I think someone once named her "Baby."  If I say "Hey, bay-bee," she stops whatever she's doing and gives me her full attention, which is how I got her to pose for this picture. Carl named her Precious, and she's gradually starting to respond when we call her by that name.

I just wonder how long she was wandering on her own. She wasn't spayed when we found her, so at age five, she must have had numerous litters. Why was she abandoned?

Who could possibly abandon a precious baby like this?