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Showing posts from May 3, 2011

Blinding Them With Science

It's so nice to encounter people who are easily impressed. Today I was blessed with two.

We have a psycho stapler in the office - one of those loud electric jobbies. Up until about a month ago, it was working fine. Did you know that standard staples come in two sizes? Strips of 105 and strips of 210. We had one box of 210's left and several 105's, and because of all the stapling I do, I much preferred the 210. You can't put in two strips of 105, by the way -- it will jam the stapler all to hell.  But we ran out of 210s. So I ordered some more boxes, but to save money I ordered the cheapest version out there. I soon came to regret this. Once I installed the cheap staples -- and then even after I replaced them with the "premium" kind -- the machine began vomiting them up, spitting them out, mangling them and otherwise making its displeasure known.