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Silly Memories, 1981 Edition

Sometimes you look back and wish you could explain to someone — share the insights that somehow managed to sneak up on you. In my case, it’s Doug (my ex) I’m tempted to explain to, but I know I’d just get a vague shoulder-shrug, so instead, I’ll explain it to the rest of the world. That year, I fled my childhood home (at age 22, at least two years later than most of my peers) and moved in with my then-boyfriend. Setting up housekeeping was fun.  Well, most of the time. One of the things he proposed buying was a coffee maker. I went out on my own, while he was at work, and purchased a stainless steel teakettle. “What’s that?” he asked. “You said to get a coffee maker. This has a whistle and everything!”

...Then again, maybe it was you, Mom

My mother had the kind of face that made her a prime target for comparisons with various celebrities, most notably Susan Hayward.
Other times, Ida Lupino. I didn't agree too much with Ida Lupino, after watching all those prison movies she was in, as the sadistic matron. 
Finally, as Mom headed into her fifties and sixties, a co-worker had the nerve to say she looked like Ruth Gordon.

Mom was horrified, though someone who didn't know her in the "Hayward" years could maybe be forgiven for this one.