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Showing posts from June 16, 2011

So unlikable, he's lovable

Two years ago I blogged about a fellow church congregant named "Archie," and how a significant number of other people found him extremely bothersome.

I've had two more years since then to get used to Archie, and can almost describe myself as having become fond of him.

Part of this could be the fact that, closing in on 80, he has aged rather noticeably. He has a pretty bad case of osteoporosis, and grunts even more audibly than before, anytime he has to walk anywhere, even if it's half a dozen steps across the fellowship area. In a word, he's pathetic. I can't bring myself to hate someone who's that old, whose main shortcoming is cluelessness.

Still, this past weekend gave me the opportunity to take a reading, as it were, of Archie's current "poll numbers."

They're not good.