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Oldie, 5/31/08: The Threshold of Adversity

Quick reference:
Wally's my son.
Doug is his father (my ex)
Carl is my husband now.
That's all you get.
In the midst of all the current drama with Doug & Wally, I've gained an even sharper insight into Doug.

Of the three of us, Wally for certain has come closest to experiencing true adversity. He had to live in his car for a couple of weeks. He was injured in a car wreck and hospitalized with salmonella some years back. And, most obviously, he's experienced the divorce of his parents. Add to that his level of stress at age 18 and I'd definitely give him the highest score for true adversity.

Neither Doug nor I had parents who divorced. However, I lived through 22 years of violence and alcoholic chaos in my formative years and have struggled monetarily.

Oldie, 5/20/08: I Quit Liking Dentists When They Quit Giving Me Nitrous

Note:  I originally posted this on my old blog, which I'm in the process of shutting down. I'll be copying and reposting some of my "greatest hits" from 2008-2010.

Dr. K, my childhood dentist, was a hack and a crook, but at least I had something to look forward to when I went for a visit.

[by the way, if dentist stories aren't your cup of mouthwash, you might want to go read a different blog, K?]

Oldie, 4/26/08: Ishmael

[originally in 2 parts]

I'm currently reading Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn. My church had a discussion forum about it, but I didn't attend and have just now gotten around to acquiring the book. It's 263 pages; I won't be able to give a true opinion on it until I get to the end. I hope I'm not disappointed.

So far, I find it a bit tedious. I "get" the message so far, and that's the part I like best about the book. I'm just not sure it's necessary to frame it the way Quinn does, with the gorilla. I suppose it's expedient to do it this way. I'm sure Quinn didn't want to couch it in religious terms, or "channel" some spirit as the teacher, because that would have turned off a lot of people. I suppose the idea is that having a telepathic gorilla teach the protagonist is so absurd, the reader says "Okay, it's a gorilla, whatever, let's just move on and see what the central message is here."

Oldie, 4/11/08: Role Model

Hard to get through the day today -- just tired. I think the pollen is getting to me, especially since I've been sleeping with windows open the past few days.

So, as I was zoning out at my desk, the Random Thought Generator kicked in. I don't remember the exact sequence of thoughts, but I think it was two separate notions that sort of collided.
I haven't done much with my life, other than go from one low-paying office job to the next, andMy mother worked office jobs until she could quit and have a kid, and then she went back to work in a factory when I was in college.For so long, I thought I was different from Mom.

Oldie, 4/10/08: I Can Bitch, I Can Bitch, Oh, the Bitch is Back!

Note:  I originally posted this on my old blog, which I'm in the process of shutting down. I'll be copying and reposting some of my "greatest hits" from 2008-2010.

OK, in the last few weeks I've vented about politics & religion, but who doesn't? I've ranted -- not the same thing. I've pondered and ruminated and reported on minute developments in my thrilling life.


But today, finally, I get to BITCH about something! Yay!!!

Oldie, 4/4/08: Bibles, Books and Bullets!

So glad I can sleep in a little tomorrow. We were all falling asleep at our desks this afternoon. Good thing we're not air traffic controllers, LOL.

Wally called me all stressed out - he's grappling with an assignment in his English class, having to read and analyze a novel written about a century ago. He doesn't get "the way the guy writes," as he put it. I think he's more freaked out by his teacher -- "This guy's an actor, Mom! He acts one way around the students, and another way when he meets the parents. The parents all think he's normal. He's NOT!"


No matter how much I complain and scold those near & dear to me, they JUST WON'T STOP!

Why don't they listen???


That was my dad's favorite quote. And no, it didn't originate with George CarlinAndy Rooney, or Jay Leno. Try Shakespeare.

At least Dad got the attribution right. He was a high school dropout, but had he lived long enough to get familiar with the internet, I think he would have been appalled at some of the ignorance that gets spread far and wide by otherwise savvy, educated people.

I'm talking about URBAN LEGENDS.

Oldie, 3/29/08: Let us Pray? No -- Let us THINK!

One major reason I walked away from Christianity was the use of words.

Why is it so terrible to say "I'm THINKING about ____________?"

Why do you always have to say "I'm praying about ___________?"

Prayer was the first thing I jettisoned (as described in an earlier post) because it DIDN'T WORK. If you have a decision to make, you are going to have to THINK about it, because if you delude yourself into believing you're actually waiting for the sky wizard to give you an answer, one of two things is likely to happen:

Oldie, 3/15/08: Different Kinds of People

Note:  I originally posted this on my old blog, which I'm in the process of shutting down. I'll be copying and reposting some of my "greatest hits" from 2008-2010.

My life as it currently is takes me into different segments of society and sometimes it's a little confusing to get them all sorted out.

I meet a lot of religious Christians, and they assume I'm one because I don't make a habit (other than HERE) of announcing the fact that I don't currently line up with any particular conventional theology. I do go to a liberal church, though, so 2-3 days a week I am in close contact with people whose worldview is way different from people I meet other days.

Oldie, 3/11/08: A Dilemma

This evening I attended the monthly meeting whereby representatives of various local neighborhoods share a large room with half a dozen or so law-enforcement personnel, and report on the stuff that's taking place in their communities calling for police intervention.

It was my first time. My neighborhood association said, "Please attend and report back." But what happened was, everyone at the meeting had something to report to the officers. Except me -- I don't get terribly involved in the goings-on. I'm not that eagle-eyed person who's perpetually looking out my window and taking note of the most minute variation. And, since moving here (and actually, for many years prior), I've wondered, how does one get to be that sort of person? It seems to be very much against my nature, for two main reasons:

1. I'm extremely unobservant. No, oblivious is probably a better way to describe me.

Old Posts From My Old Blog: The Making of a Humanist

I originally posted this on my old blog, which I'm in the process of shutting down. I'll be copying and reposting some of my "greatest hits" from 2008-2010.

This one talks about my religious history.


Okay, if you've gotten this far, you've already browsed through and are now thinking, it's just one grumpy chick complaining about her life. Whassup?

Well, if you're "adult" enough to handle some serious irreverence and anti-religious sentiment, then help yourself to the mini-fridge and extend your stay. Otherwise, you'd best move on to some nicer person's blog.


Surprisingly, yes, I go to church, and it's a very liberal church bursting at the seams with atheists! And agnostics! And pagans! And freethinkers! And pantheists! And disillusioned ex-Christians! And gay people! And people from mixed marriages! And ethnic Jews! And Native Americans! And various combinations thereof!