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Bags Packed, Ready to Go

Good news:  My child is not very good at being a criminal.
Bad news: This results in his being incarcerated.

And so, I'm heading out of state on Monday to visit him and see what can be done to make things better. The city he's in is one I have not previously visited, but it's pretty in the travel photos. And events have conspired to make this affordable.

Horoscope for the coming week says:

Intense emotions bubble to the surface while you probe deeply psychological issues, particularly in close relationships. You are a miner for truth, refusing to gloss over situations for appearance’s sake. And by Thursday, you’re wont to say a lot on the subject of others’ honesty, or lack thereof. Be prepared for (what you consider) overreactions to your frank assessments, which can sting. Though you are forgiving, some can’t bear the notion of disappointing you. So it might suit you better to remain silent, Sphynxlike, letting them squirm in any beds of lies they’ve made.