Friday, October 21, 2011

Back on the hamster wheel

Far be it from me to post something cryptic and then fail to follow up...

The Trip Into the Unknown (shall we abbreviate that as TITU? Hey, why not?) went relatively well. It was the most involved traveling I've done since 1999 or so, and that was before I started spending half my waking hours on the web. I credit the Internet with giving me many under-acknowledged resources for making the week go smoothly. Even a touch of adult ADHD can throw a lot of complications into such an undertaking, so my pet message forums and blogs went a long way toward helping me think things through, plan, and watch out for potential snags.

Worst moments were transitory logistical problems with the car rental, which my hero brother-in-law helped to alleviate, and absent-mindedly leaving my hardworking windbreaker behind -- in the rental car.

Beyond that, the "bad moments" were due to their own nature, and they involved taking hours to locate Wally at his various venues (jail and courthouses). The corrections system goes out of its way to make life difficult for family and friends of inmates. I don't know why this needs to be -- other than the unopposed profitability of such schemes. Crime does pay, but not in the way you might think.

But I did get to see my son -- for one hour out of a 5-day trip. Communications are a challenge. The collect calls from the jail are far beyond affordable for me, so right now we're limited to postcards from me to him, and possibly letters from him to me. He won't be in there forever, but realistically, he may "graduate" to a more secure facility before all this is over. He's saying all the right things, remorse-wise, but I also think he's still unaware of the internal factors that have led up to his current situation.

To be fair, most of the people I encountered on this trip were helpful, and then some. Things could certainly have been worse.

Like many of life's chapters, this one is about waiting for events to play out. Guess I'll go make some popcorn...