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Me, the Reader October 23, 2011

Google Reader is a great way to keep up with any website that has an RSS feed. Kind of a one-stop shop, it's an alternative to surfing around, trying to remember what your favorites are, or digging around in your Bookmarks. I find it convenient to visit Reader right after checking Gmail, since the link to Reader is at the top of the page.
Many of the bloggers I follow on Reader offer a daily, weekly, or otherwise occasional listing of sites they've been following, which offers opportunities to add still more sites to my growing list.
So, today, I thought I'd return the favor -- a series begun a few months back.

My Reader is divided into categories, with one called "Culture." Most of these are stand-alone webzines and blogs. I have another group called "Magazines," but those are web versions of magazines that one might previously have subscribed to in print.

A few of the blogs listed to the right of what you're reading now are included in my Reader feed…