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Showing posts from November 6, 2011

Undelivered Messages, Ineffective Inoculation

In accordance with the jail's regulations, I snail-mailed Wally several postcards with messages of varying importance. I started sending them out on October 17th. They started coming back to me this past Friday, November 4. Why? Not for lack of a return address -- I'm glad I put one of those on each card; otherwise, I'd never have known they were rejected.

Why were they rejected? Because the return address I included was on a pre-printed label (with a heart). "NO LABELS" said the, um, label that the jail-snail-mail guardian affixed to the card. So I can expect the other half-dozen or so cards to make their way back to me as well. Fortunately, there is now a public defender in the mix. We have spoken and exchanged emails. He seems like he knows his stuff and has demonstrated a willingness to convey urgent messages that can't wait for postcards. But, because mail is likely to be a vital morale-booster, I've started cranking them out again, without labels th…