Sunday, November 6, 2011

Undelivered Messages, Ineffective Inoculation

In accordance with the jail's regulations, I snail-mailed Wally several postcards with messages of varying importance. I started sending them out on October 17th. They started coming back to me this past Friday, November 4. Why? Not for lack of a return address -- I'm glad I put one of those on each card; otherwise, I'd never have known they were rejected.

Why were they rejected? Because the return address I included was on a pre-printed label (with a heart). "NO LABELS" said the, um, label that the jail-snail-mail guardian affixed to the card. So I can expect the other half-dozen or so cards to make their way back to me as well. Fortunately, there is now a public defender in the mix. We have spoken and exchanged emails. He seems like he knows his stuff and has demonstrated a willingness to convey urgent messages that can't wait for postcards. But, because mail is likely to be a vital morale-booster, I've started cranking them out again, without labels this time. Oh, and blue or black ink only... [eyeroll].

I've had several conversations about Wally's situation with friends and family members. One of the family members is Carl's sister Melanie. Melanie is the religious one in the family. She was quite supportive over the phone, having been through something similar with a nephew. Inevitably, though, she had to ask me "the question."  "Is Wally saved? Does he have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?"