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Oh, what the hell.

This is not the way I prefer to blog.

I prefer to construct careful, orderly, logical posts on an intriguing subject, sprinkled with wit, following a neat sequence, decorated with eye-catching pictures, and wrap it up (just like they taught us in elementary school) with a solid conclusion that will keep 'em coming back for more.


If I keep trying to blog that way, the result will be what you've seen lately.

A big pile of nothin'.

That stretches on for months.

[cue a scream from Miss Thistlebottom:  Look at all those sentence fragments!!!!!!!!  Gaaaaaah!!!]

Shut up, lady. Can't you see I'm trying to write?

So, here I am, prefatory to jumping in the shower to start my first workday of 2012.

My son will be home some time in the fall (more about that later)
My good friend Matt from church died yesterday after a long struggle with Type I diabetes and kidney failure. He was only 54 and a light has truly gone out with his passing.
My cousin Pat came to visit over the New Year's weekend. It was a fantastic time. We went up to Lookout Mountain and took lots of "pitchers."
Our friends came over for New Year's Eve. We celebrated the holiday and their 35th anniversary with snacks and bubbly.
My cat is in heat again. She wanders around the house crying out for some dude named "Harry." The nogoodnik still hasn't turned up.

It's going to be a good year, and I'm going to post more. Just like this, if that's what it takes.

Happy New Year to all.


Ipecac said…
Careful, orderly, logical posts are overrated! All my posts are pretty much just like this. :-)

Very sorry to hear about your friend. My condolences.
Vol-E said…
Thank you -- and I wish you a fantastic year!
Dianne said…
I hope you do post more, just like this
this is wonderful
free thought
lovely tidbits

Happy New Year

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