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Put your money where your mouth was

I shall be brief!

A friend of mine posted today on a popular social networking site about restaurant servers and their view of Sunday customers.

That view is uniformly negative.


Because when they see a crowd of well-dressed people coming in, they surmise that this group has come from their house of worship. After being run ragged by these people, who are for some reason typically fussier, pickier and more demanding than the average customer, the server can often look forward to a very measly tip -- or worse, no tip at all, or worst, a religious tract or fake money with a scripture verse on the other side.

And no, I am not making that up.

Apparently, some people think it's much more important to leave money in the offering plate than next to the dinner plate.

As any server will tell you:  If you can't afford to tip, eat at home.