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Music as a Weapon of Choice

Some years ago, I got brave and volunteered to do a sermon at the UU church I attend.. During the summer months, the minister is on vacation, so congregants and guests take over the pulpit. We even have a full-time committee that makes sure something is lined up each week, to include preacher, service leader, Board rep, hymns, musicians, sound techs and a story for the kids.Usually by October or November, the entire church year's schedule is filled in, along with contingencies for no-shows.

I wrote the piece below, and it was more or less in place a week before, when we learned that a homicidal wingnut had gone into a UU church in Knoxville and opened fire, killing two people and wounding seven. Because this incident was so fresh for us the day I spoke, and because the shooter had concealed his rifle in a guitar case as he entered the church, the title was changed to "Music as a Healing Choice."
For ease of reading and effect, I've made a few changes in the wording to …