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Showing posts from July 27, 2012

Use your imagination

The best cartoon I've ever seen cannot (so far as I can tell) be found on the Internet, so I have no choice but to describe it to you.

In Eric Tyson's book Personal Finance for Dummies, Rich Tennant's "5th Wave" cartoon shows a couple sitting at their dining room table with past-due bills stacked to the ceiling. The woman turns to the man and says "I can't figure out where all the money goes!" The room they are in is lovely -- large framed paintings on the walls, and stacked nearby are several unopened cartons, each marked "ORIGINAL VAN GOGH OF THE MONTH CLUB."

I have labored in vain to find the hidden OVGOTMC in my life -- have sent back numerous oil paintings and Rolls-Royces and still can't raise that bottom line.

I suspect my boss is holding out on me...