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Showing posts from September 16, 2012

Overdue Update

I know y'all have been just curled up in a fetal position, waiting to hear what's going on in my life, so here I am, taking pity...


I've given a bit of thought to just quitting this blog altogether, since there isn't all that much to say that has any importance. So many, many other people do it a whole lot better than I do.

But...I like the connection. Nice to feel I'm not just drifting around out there (even with Facebook, Twitter, and real-life relationships). This fills whatever void still remains. And I do go through phases in terms of my writing. Back when I really began focusing on this blog, in 2008, I was just brimming over with thoughts. I have a hunch that will start happening again at some point, so might as well keep my options open.