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Show me the money


This is a guest post from The Urban Blabbermouth. Comments are welcome.
Labor Day was a few days ago here in the US. But why bother to celebrate workers' efforts to earn a living?  True that it has become easier, compared to 200 years ago, to earn a living here in the US.  Instead, let's celebrate, "Increase My Earning Power Day"

Yesterday morning,  the very next day after Labor Day,  I saw an expensive car while driving to work.  It was a Mercedes Benz.  I have also seen BMW, Maserati, Bentley, even a rare Rolls Royce.  Each time I think, "Man, sure is a lot of money."  I realize, once again, that there is a lot of money sloshing around in this country.  A lot more money than we realize.  I hear GDP numbers, huge corporate profits, immense government debt, using words like billions and trillions and these numbers are just so meaningless to me. Simply too large for me to comprehend.   I am stuck in the under one hundred million dollar category.

The Dealers of Mercedes Benz-BMW-Maserati-Bentley and Rolls Royce sell thousands of cars in this Country, make millions in profits and they do it every year. This means that there is somebody, thousands somebodies, in this Country who have the money to buy thousands of Mercedes Benz-BMW-Maserati-Bentley and this happens EVERY, SINGLE, YEAR.  Lots and lots of money sloshing around  in this country.

In the Target parking lot, two weekends ago, I saw a silver Mercedes Benz, a top-of-the-line model 500 something.  It was out of place.  Not the usual denizen of the Target parking lot.  It was driven by a pretty blonde white woman.  I wanted to go over and ask her how she came to have this car, "... and what do you do to afford a car like this?"  I was saved from embarrassment since she was pulling out as I was pulling in.

What job do you have to have to afford that car? Maybe as one of the bad boys of Wall Street making pots of money trading and cheating in stocks?  Maybe a baseball player making 10 million a year?  The trophy wife of an old rich white guy or, in these modern times, the trophy husband of an old rich white guy?  A super model?  A CEO?  How do I get one of those jobs?

One day, take the time to multiply your current annual salary by 40, the minimum number years we all end up working and see what that number looks like.  That number represents what your lifetime earnings looks like. Compare that number to the price of a Mercedes Benz-BMW-Maseratti-Bentley or a Rolls Royce.  That is what Earning Power looks like.


Vol-E said…
They say $10 million is the amount with which a person never has to worry about money again. I'll take it...

I even have a "to-do" list squirreled away somewhere for "when" I win PowerBall -- pay off the house is the first item, then pay off all other debt. Set up some sort of investment account with a reputable financial planner (and an updated will), help my son with whatever financial stuff he's in need of. Then fix the house up and either sell it or donate it to the neighborhood association to use or sell as they like (it's just a little pre-fab in a so-so area, not worth much at all). Then comes fun (travel, cars, clothes, etc. etc.). Then a charitable foundation and some sort of useful activity or occupation to keep me structured.

I'm sure my husband's to-do list would look a lot different from mine. He'd let me make all the major decisions, but I'm sure his large extended family would come into the picture.
The Urban Blabbermouth said…
10 million is poor rich. You cannot buy a biz jet, a condo in Trump Towers, and can barely afford a mansion in Southampton.

My sights are much lower, say, $100,000? I have no ambition. hahaha

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