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There's Music in the Air


This is a guest post by The Urban Blabbermouth.  Comments are welcome!
I like to read.  Whenever I read a particularly good story, I am impressed with the author’s creativity and imagination.  I wonder how the author came up with the story, the characters, or the plot.  Just what goes on in the author’s head to write this fabulous thing? 

The last story I read that got me wondering about creativity is a short story by Haruki Murakami.  In the story, a new bride learns about her new husband’s failed attempt at a robbery that changed his life.  She says that he is cursed and now she too is cursed.  To remove the curse, they have to complete the failed robbery.  So the couple set out to do just that.  It’s such an odd story.  Where did this story come from?   Where in the world does Haruki Murakami get the inspiration for his work?  Critics try to tell you all about the creativity and imagination of authors, but the critics don’t know any more about the whys of creativity than I do.  The critics are only better at making up plausible reasons -- typical English Professor kinds of stuff. 

One day, my beloved wife and I were watching some TV show. She started to fuss about a woman’s voice on the show.  “How can anyone stand her voice?  Just listen to how terrible it sounds.”  The woman in question sounded like the Nanny on the TV show, “The Nanny”-- high pitched and whiny.  I did not hear any of this, notice any of this, nor was I bothered at all by her voice.

Later, an insight came to me.  My beloved wife hears music. She hears this TV woman's voice as if it’s music.  My beloved wife hears pitch, cadence, beats, loudness, and all those characteristics associated with great music in the sounds of  people’s voices and in the sounds around her.  You have to understand that my beloved wife is very musically inclined. She sings well, plays several instruments, and makes up songs about her activities as she goes about her activities.  So it makes sense to me that she hears music everywhere.  I do not think that she realizes that is what is happening in her head. She does not think about it.  She is just that way.  Stuff just goes on naturally in her head and can be no other way. She hears music.

Must be how it is with Haruki Murakami and other authors.  My friend is one of the good writers.  She writes poems.  Does she see words on paper or words in the air?  Maybe she hears words as if she is reciting her poems to herself?   She says that writing clears the mind.  

Authors don’t know about their creativity either.  It just is.  Stuff just pops into their heads and then pops out of their heads as stories. 

My friend, the poet, wrote this:


Betrayed by the lamb of brown soft fur,
she felt your body against her for a while,
when you slid up inside like a cat she purred,
and you stroked her as well as her long hair with joy,
sleek light eyes that ripped through you with a cold sexual chill,
but still I stay for you to do it again,
that piece of you that you gave her I can never get back,
gone forever from my possession,
she took your love but you didn't fight for it back,
maybe sometimes natures hold isn't strong enough,
especially not compared to the... 
-- TJP


The Urban Blabbermouth said…
My neighbors like to play their music loud enough to entertain the neighborhood. In addition to being deaf, they are afflicted with bad taste in music. I do not understand the Divine Plan in this.
The Urban Blabbermouth said…
Just heard Rhapsody in Blue on TV commercial. Isn't it amazing that after thousands of year of composing music, no one wrote this tune until 1924.

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