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Women are from Mars

This is a guest post by The Urban Blabbermouth. Comments are welcome!


“Looking down at my bodice, the fool relaxes. Are men truly such idiots that they cannot resist two orbs of flesh?” From Grave Mercy by Robin LeFevers. A fantasy novel about a female assassin.

The assassin got it wrong. It is true that men can’t resist but not for the expected reason that we are letting our second brain dominate us. It is just that we do not see women as dangerous. If women are not a danger to us then it is OK to succumb to the temptations of the "two orbs of flesh."

This idea of judging a situation by danger goes back a long way in human history.
For a long time, men’s physical strength was necessary for everyone's survival. Physical strength was important in hunting deer, elk, bison and the like or in fighting off attacking lions and the troublesome neighbors. Men came to view any beast or man who was bigger and faster as a danger. Anyone smaller and slower was not a danger. Despite how dangerous women may think themselves, women fall into the latter category. The traditional roles of males as warriors and women as nurturers only reinforces this belief that women are not a danger.

Now, this novel takes place some eight hundred or more years ago. In those days, the top of the social and economic classes were the warriors in one form or another, either as knights or as simple footmen. Physical strength to wield a sword on the battlefield was necessary to success. Women lacked the strength for sword fighting so again, men did not think them dangerous. Brawn over brains -- that is what the assassin got wrong. By-the-way, farmers at the bottom of the social classes had the strength but not the skill for sword fighting so they got picked on by the warriors.

Interestingly, today the situation is different. One of the many functions of civilization is to compensate for human weaknesses. Our current civilization is structured so that physical strength is less important. There are many tools available, for example cars with power steering, to help those who lack physical strength. We now have women warriors. No longer is the physical strength to wield a sword on the battlefield necessary when you can use the Army’s M-16 rifle to conquer your opponents. Brawn over brains still holds and can be seen in some sporting events like javelin where men still significantly throw longer distances than women. You can see how this duality would lead to lots of confusion about the capabilities of women.

The "two orbs of flesh" criticism is often heard today. Maybe it is not that modern men are being idiots and letting their second brain dominate but that modern men have not yet completely adjusted to the idea that one does not need physical strength to be dangerous. These days, intelligence and cunning are of greater value.

So then how can men's minds be changed? Well, women will have to demonstrate their dangerous side and match men in heinous behavior. I suppose that when we have many more women serial killers and James Patterson starts writing novels about them, men will come to realize how dangerous women can be. Now that's equality.


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