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Fashion Silliness


This is a guest post by The Urban Blabbermouth. Comments are welcome!
Why do women wear jeans with tears in them?  I am at a loss to understand this fashion style.  Do the women want to look like they stole their boyfriends’ jeans after he accidentally tore them while building a skyscraper?  A modern day Potlatch where the women want to make a statement of how rich they are where they can buy expensive jeans then tear them up? Are women so warm in their jeans that they need cooling vents?

I saw a pair of jeans that had such clean tears that could only have been made by a scissors.  That moves the style from tears in jeans to cut-outs in jeans.  Is there a fashion difference between tears and cuts-outs?  Tears look accidental while cut-outs says, “yeah, I did this!”

What if this cut-out trend were to progress further?  Create enough cuts-outs in the jeans and there would be no more material left of the jeans except for a waist band.  The jean waist band would look strange, like a jeans belt with its own loops.  I would not want any woman I know to wear that because all she would have on is a jeans belt on her hips and nothing else but exposed undies below it.
Hip Hugger jeans, oh, excuse me, Low Riser jeans are just embarrassing.  We get to see an excess of muffin tops.  I just love that … muffin tops.  Sounds a lot better than spare tire around the middle.  We get to see the tops of the thong undies. This view has the glorious name of Whale Tail. If not undies then we get to see their butt cleavage.  Must be a fashionable name for that view.   Imagine getting to see all three views at the same time.  I once saw the tail end of a feminine pad exposed out the butt cleavage of a woman in Low Riser jeans.  How embarrassing.

 Fashion can be so silly.


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