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New Marriages For Old


Seems strange to me to be fussing about gay marriages when hetero marriages are in so much trouble.  It’s not like hetero married couples were so great at marriages in the first place. Maybe the anti-gay folks should forget about protesting gay marriage and instead spend their time and energy work on fixing hetero marriages.  Gay marriage will probably be small percentage of all marriages in the US if not the world.  Fixing hetero marriages would help more people than anything else the anti-gay marriage folks could do. 

Two well known hetero marriage problems are the fifty-percent divorce rate and that large numbers of young folks are starting families without bothering to get married. 

Gay marriages will not be immune from these two major hetero marriage problems.  Personally, I am waiting for the first really big celebrity gay marriage divorce that gets nasty and gossipy all over the front pages of the newspapers and will be the talk of late night comedy shows for months.  Imagine a custody battle that gets nasty and gossipy.
I am sure that raising children in a gay household is going to be as problematic for them as it is for hetero marriages.   

Hetero marriages also teach children about hetero relationships. The kids get relationship lessons from watching their parents. They see how their parents love each other and work out any relationship differences.  Specifically, hetero marriages teach kids how to relate to the opposite sex by watching how their parents do the same.  Given the fifty-percent divorce rate, I can only wonder how many hetero marriages do a good job of this. 

So what do you suppose kids will learn about relationships from gay parents?  How do you teach kids to relate to the opposite sex when both parents are the same sex?   We don’t know but we are going to find out over the next few generations.


The Urban Blabbermouth said…
A commentator said that the divorce rate is falling. Here are his reasons:
a) Less people are marrying so less people to divorce.
b) People are marrying at end of their twenties rather than the start of their twenties. The result is that a more mature person makes better decision is made in choice of a partner.
c) People are living together as couples then marrying later. This trial period does eliminate lots of bad choice of partners.

Maybe a solution is to have marriages that expire every five years. If there are children, the marriage will expire ten years from the birth of the youngest child. You can renew or not renew. That way your spouse will have to treat you better to keep married. You too will have to treat your spouse better to stay married.

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