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Worky Musings

     There's been a fair amount going on behind the scenes lately. A good bit of fortunate timing in August had me perusing the company website, where I came across an open position back at the home office with a woman that I knew and liked. A couple of weeks went by after the resume was sent in. Assuming this was yet another strikeout, I continued my more or less casual job hunt with local employers. Then, surprise! She contacted me for a phone interview, which led to a second phone interview, then finally a face-to-face with her and a couple of managers. Less than three hours after that, I got the formal offer, which came with (surprise again!) a raise. The raise was most certainly welcome, but the biggest "perk" for me is a daily commute that takes six minutes each way instead of the 45 I've been enduring since 2009. It's also nice not to have to pay income tax to a state where I am not a resident.
     I started yesterday and so far it's been amazing. Even though the office is in a part of the building that's in the process of being renovated, it's still much cleaner and much (much) quieter than my last location. My boss previously worked in information technology, so her communication and organization skills are superlative, making it that much easier to figure things out and get work done. And there's a lot on our plate. We play an important role in the company, but because it's not a profit center, we have to expend a lot of effort to maintain visibility. 
     Perhaps needless to say, this is the happiest turn of events since The Scorpion Queen got fired about a year and a half ago. In just two days, I've run into people I knew back then, who welcomed me back and expressed satisfaction that the arc of events finally bent toward justice.


The Urban Blabbermouth said…
The Urban Blabbermouth said…
What are you doing with your extra time?
Vol-E said…
So far, there isn't that much extra time. I still get up at 5am and leave the house more or less at the same time (I clock in at this job 30 minutes earlier than the last one and get an hour for lunch rather than 30 minutes, so it actually comes out to more time at the office than before). Because I've been doing stuff at the office that takes me past clock-out, I also arrive home at roughly the same time. The only difference is that it takes 6 minutes each way instead of 46! By the end of this year I'll have a good idea of how the time divvies out. At present, we are due to have our entire office space demolished and we'll be wandering the building in search of empty cubicles to use until they get it sorted out -- seriously. I'll be bringing home the laptop at some point, and then will have to worry about how to keep my cat from throwing up on it, like she did the last time someone trusted me with a laptop (see my first entry on this blog, back in January of 2011).
Ipecac said…
Hooray! Congrats.
The Urban Blabbermouth said…
Since you are that close, how about cycling to work?
Vol-E said…
Our city has rent-a-cycles, and I may go that route one day to see if I am any good on 2 wheels anymore. It would take a lot of practice before I feel safe riding to work. Not only do bikes get stolen all the time where we live, but the route to work, short as it is, isn't bike-friendly at all. It goes over railroad tracks and across a busy road with lots of double turn lanes, etc. The odds of getting run over by drivers who don't see cyclists are very high.

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