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A Love Story that Spans Years

Well, here we are again, about to kick the old year to the curb. I'm always happy to do that, even when I have a good year. I like the whole start-fresh thing.

This has been a really excellent year, especially since it followed five not-so-good ones. There was one notably bad event for me this year; it came just before Christmas, and I hope to muster the words to write about it sooner than later.

2013 was a very good year for this blog. Even though I was to the point of trying to decide whether to wrap it up once and for all, I didn't really want to. January marks the three years for this one, and six since I started it under its old name. I am especially grateful to my friend The Urban Blabbermouth, for bringing fresh ideas to this space. I enjoy my role in it, which is to go out on the information superhighway and find representative photos and illustrations. Just an occasional opportunity to let my freak flag fly...

And so here is his last word for the year, with a nice new one coming right up! Hope 2014 is all you ever hoped for!                -V

Today, I have decided to get in touch with my feminine side and write a love story.  Here goes.

Once upon a time, there was a boy and there was a girl.  Boy met girl.  They fell in love.  They got married.  Boy and girl lived happily ever after.  The end.

Wow, the second greatest story ever written.  Everybody gets along well, behaves well, lots of love and light... and how utterly dull and boring.  Hate it, hate it, hate it.

Lesson 1 -- For boy and girl, this is fabulous. For the rest of us, Blaaah!
Lesson 2 -- If you are happy in love, that joy does not share well. 
Lesson 3 -- You should read People Magazine.

We love drama, that is, other people's drama.  Sometimes we get confused and like drama in our own lives .  A couple of drama experiences in our lives will quickly cure us of that confusion.  But, the cure leaves us with a very serious conundrum -- we love drama in other peoples lives but other people don't want drama in their lives.  Ohhh, why is the world so full of such selfish folks.

In true capitalistic fashion, we have found a solution, professional drama queens.  Where else in the world can one act up, behave outrageously, do stupid things, and make lots of money from it. I only have to mention the current Queens of drama, the Kardashian Ladies, and you get the idea.   It is no accident that we use the title Drama Queens.  As puzzling as it is, women are better than men at creating and maintaining drama.  We guys have just one explanation for it, hormones, as if that explains anything.

I suppose that there is some Freudian explanation why we love other people's drama but I have another idea, The Bible.   The Old Testament is so full of drama starting with the sins of Adam and Eve.  There are all our favorite bits -- greed, murder, adultery, thievery, betrayal, slavery, beautiful women, treacherous women, miracles, and best of all, visits by God.   Our parents made us read the Bible from childhood.  I wonder if they realized that they were teaching us to love drama.  There is redemption in The Bible too but that comes at the very end of the drama which is as it should be.  Can't be redeemed if you were not first bad.  Just one of God's mysterious ways.

Lesson 4 -- Read The Bible every day.


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