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Redskin Pigskin


This is a guest post by The Urban Blabbermouth. Comments are welcome!
There is controversy about the name of the Washington Redskins, a NFL American football team.  American Indians, who are considered to be red in skin color, are opposed to the name of the team.  They feel that it is demeaning.  I cannot speak for American Indians but I do support their right to choose how they are represented in the world.

So, the Washington football team will have to change their name. They are dragging their feet about this. Puzzles me why, because we all know that they will have to do it eventually.   There is a lot of political pressure in a town where politics is the only business, but more importantly, their fans will get more and more upset with the team about the name.  The Washington team should quickly announce a name change as that will force all their fans to buy new sports stuff with the new name. Money, money, and more money for the team.

So what should be new name be?  I guess that Washington Tomahawk (an American Indian axe) is out.  Washington Senators has already been used so that is out too.  Washington Congressmen?  Nope, Congressmen are at the bottom of the Washington pecking order.  Besides, no one loves Congress.   Washington Presidents?  Better still, Washington Dead Presidents?  Oops, fans will only be reminded how expensive their overpriced seats are.  Big No!

Need a name that reminds fans of Washington DC such as, The Washington Red Ink.  A good choice.  It fits Washington where huge deficits are a constant.  On the plus side, the team can keep using their current red team color.  But you know, the same Congress, lovers of deficits that they are,  would be deeply upset because the team's name reminds the voters of Congress's failures.

The contenders:
The Washington Hot Air--
The Washington Spin--
The Washington Caucasians—
The Washington Clueless –
The Washington Hypocrites--
The Washington Lobbyists--
The Washington Dreamland--
The Washington Confused--

I got it!  Lets change the team's name to The Washington Monument. The Washington Monument is a well known symbol of Washington DC and of course, George Washington, the first president.  Yes, this is it... very masculine and very phallic.  Just the right name for an all male NFL football team, whose sole purpose is crashing into the members of another all male NFL football team, Mano-a-Mano.


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