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Tidy Whitey


This is a guest post by The Urban Blabbermouth. Comments are welcome.

I heard on a news show that the white population in the United States is shrinking and that non-white groups will become the majority population in some thirty years or so.  I do not believe this.  The white people will still remain in the majority population for a long time.

I know this because of the lady who sits next to me at work.  She is currently classified as a Hispanic person.  I classify her as a white person with a Hispanic (Spanish) name.  She  looks white and has none of the features that one may see on many non-whites.  Her nose is small, her hair is, well I do not know the name, but her hair is typical white person hair. Most important of all, her skin is creamy white.  If she were to marry an Irish man and change her name to O'Reilly, you would never know that she is Hispanic.  Actually, she does not have to change her name at all as you just have to look at her and you would not know her as Hispanic unless she told you so.

She is not the only one in my office who fits this description.  There are others but you do not have to come to my office to see this phenomenon.  Just turn on your TV.  Look for actors and reporters with Hispanic names.  Notice their features.  Most will be like my colleague, quite white.  Many famous actors are White Hispanic but have adopted English names.  Google Anthony Quinn or Charlie Sheen about their backgrounds.  This should not be a surprise after all as they are just the descendants of the Europeans, most notably from Spain, who immigrated to the New World.

So then, suppose that the Hispanics split into two groups: the White Hispanics and the Brown Hispanics. Eventually the White Hispanics will become just White. Their numbers will be added to the overall white people count, keeping Whites as the majority population.  This has happened before.  Consider that the Irish and German immigrants during the 19th century were not considered true whites by the English folks (aka WASPs) in the US at the time.  They are now.  So it is not unreasonable to expect that, at some point, the White Hispanics will be absorbed into the general white population.

This phenomenon has some interesting political implications. The Republicans have not endeared themselves to the growing non-white voters. The Republicans are expected to have troubles in future elections because the voting white population is decreasing.  If the Republicans can increase the number of white people, they have a chance to save themselves.  The Republicans can commence a project to split off the White Hispanics. Maybe that is what Republican Senator Ted Cruz is really doing by his political actions in Congress.  Notice that he looks white and bears a Hispanic name.  Senator Cruz's goal may not really be opposing Democratic policies but is an attempt to split off the White Hispanics and to change our society's view of who is white. Do I give him too much credit for being that smart?


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