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Georgie, and Bonnie and Clyde, and me!

Back in the summer of 1968, my main source of entertainment and information was DC Comics. At that time, there were Superman, Action Comics, Supergirl, Superboy, and Adventure, in addition to a dizzying array of other publications. 

I wanted to fly. I wanted to do good deeds. I wanted to be invincible. The usual superhero nonsense. I wanted to be given a tickertape parade, while the triumphant concluding theme from the Adventures of Superman TV show played in the background.

But -- lacking that, I was willing to fancy myself as a LSB -- that's a Little Suburban Badass.

It didn't take much to stimulate my imagination in those pre-adolescent years of 1966-1970. The comic cover shown above was one I remember well. I even remember my delight at one panel of dialogue, in which one of Bonnie and Clyde's henchmen, having taken young Clark and Lana hostage, worries that "these brats could get kilt!" I entertained myself (and exasperated my friends) by running up and dow…