Monday, June 17, 2013

Old Crush, New Flavors

You may recall, long ago in my "Secret Hiding Place" days, a confession involving my fondness for the character of Hannibal Lecter.

THIS guy:

Well, it's been rather a long time since Anthony Hopkins stepped in front of the camera with a hockey mask, a fedora, a Harpy or a copper fait-tout. Since Sir Anthony moved on to other pursuits, my friends and I have contented ourselves with reading and writing fanfiction (a great deal of which can be accessed here).  We, too, have moved on. We sometimes keep in touch via Facebook and email, but for the most part, our whole obsession has become part of our past. One thing that characterized us was our unwavering devotion to both the Hopkins version of Lecter and Thomas Harris's writerly instincts. Many readers of the novel Hannibal took great exception to the way Harris transformed the Lecter-Starling narrative from a "decent police procedural," as one critic termed it, to a "twisted love story." But we were entirely on board with it. After those fingers touched through the bars near the end of The Silence of the Lambs (film version), those of us who "got it" were content to wait as patiently as we had to for Mr. Harris to give us exactly what we craved. The fanfic websites started cropping up shortly after the novel was published in the spring of 1999. For our group, it began to lose momentum about four years later. By that time, Red Dragon the movie had premiered, and a certain amount of infighting and "Munchhausen by internet" had taken much of the fun out of our writing community. We kept it up for awhile, but it was probably inevitable that this particular sorority (I recall only one, possibly two guys who ever contributed a story) would disband.

Now, ten years later (just as with the original story), Dr. Lecter has reappeared!