Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ten Tweets, and Why


For awhile, I had my Twitter feed on this blog, but then it started coming up squiggly and I took it off, not having time to investigate the problem. Sooner or later, I hope to get it reinstalled, but it occurred to me that it might be worth noting what sorts of things go on there.

Simply put, I use it to tattle. My most stridently liberal self lives on my Twitter page. Or, I should say, one of them. I've got four right now. One is for the church, so it's not really mine, but I'm the only one who posts with any regularity. One is for Lecter fanfiction. One is what I call my "vanilla page." It's got my full name and is wide open; I follow local businesses (including the company I work for) and occasionally post self-improvement type stuff and innocuous fluff.

This main page is where I go in hopes of getting people fired up. My passions are atheism, feminism, anti-equality, Congressional idiocy and people just being mean and thinking they can get away with it. Sometimes just clever, ironic, funny stuff that deserves to be shared -- mostly retweets; my original thoughts are few and far between, snarky vents here and there.

So what have I tattled about lately?

Why? I relate to the Millennials because my son is one. Social media and rock 'n' roll have forged something of a bond between us Boomers and our young, in a way that it never could have happened between our Greatest Gen parents and us ... but in some areas, the gulf of sensibility is still very wide indeed. I pay close attention to trends involving these young adults.