Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Risky Business

This post marks the blogging debut of my friend, college classmate and fellow Baby Boomer, the Urban Blabbermouth. A little bit Jamaica, a little bit Haiti, and a lot of New York. I am delighted to share his quirky philosophy. 

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In the movie "Risky Business", the main character played by Tom Cruise asks his male friends about their last date.  Paraphrasing here, "How much did you spend on gas, dinner, movie, drinks and did the evening end in intimacy?  Well come by my house and I will hook you up for a little bit more money than you spent on the date." See, Tom Cruise is running a prostitution operation in his parents' house.

The movie brings up a question but does not answer: Why is it acceptable to take a woman out for dinner, movie, drinks, indirectly spend money on her, then go have intimacies but it is not acceptable to directly give her the money then go have intimacies?  Now this movie came out in 1983 and this question has been rattling around in my head since then with no answer.

Recently, at lunch, at work, one of the women present gave me an answer.  It is foreplay.  Dinner, movie, drinks is foreplay.  Seems that women have already decided before they leave their  home what they are willing to do.  The foreplay - dinner, movie, drinks - determine if they will carry out their plan.

Great answer.  Partial answer.  Incomplete answer.

Lets say that we foreplay - dinner, movie, drinks - then go have intimacy, then I buy you groceries or pay your rent, or leave a diamond necklace.  Is that acceptable?

Skip the foreplay - dinner, movie, drinks - go directly to intimacy and I buy you groceries or pay your rent, or leave a diamond necklace.  Is that acceptable?

Lastly, why is it legally acceptable for a woman to stand on a corner and give herself away (we can still call her terrible names) yet if she stands on the corner and sells herself, she will be arrested?

Exciting News!

I am very pleased to announce that a long-time (36 years) friend will be sharing his wit and wisdom on this site in the days to come. Please watch this space for his debut.