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TV Blue Blood

This is a guest post from The Urban Blabbermouth.
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Unexpectedly saw Tom Selleck today.  He was filming scenes for Blue Blood across the street from my office building.  He did not age well.  He looks better on TV than he does in person.
Why does a person want to be an actor?  Silly question…because they want to.  They say to themselves, "I am a Movie Star so go out there and be one."  Actors are not like you and me.  They play other people.  Singers sing and writers write but they are themselves at all times.  I am me.  I think like me, behave like me, I am always me.

Actors are other people.  How do you do that? Today, I have decided to be a meek, docile housewife. Tomorrow, I will be an unfeeling dominatrix.The day after, a serial killer.  When am I back to myself?How do you think and behave like some person you are not? 

Actors must have multiple personality disorders.  At least the very good actors do. They have many personalities in them, all bottle…