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Ban the Burka!

This is a guest post from The Urban Blabbermouth.Comments are welcome.

The other day, I walked past a woman wearing a Burka.  All covered up except for a small meshed slit for the eyes. I could not see anything of her but the long black robes. I got to wondering...

Just what exactly is hidden here?
Does she wear make-up?
Does she have those really long eyelashes and is batting them flirtatiously at me?
Have I just walked past the most beautiful woman in the world?
Is she more  beautiful than the supermodels, so beautiful that I would be frozen there and  mesmerized?
Does she have shoes or does she just float above the ground?
Are the shoes Jimmy Choo's?

And what's she is wearing under that Burka?
A Super Girl heroine costume?
Western civilization blue jeans?
A red sequined gown suitable for a Red Carpet?
A frilly Victoria's Secret Push-up Wonder with matching thong?
Or ...nothing?

Ohhh, the temptation!  The Burka must be banned.

Doing the right thing for a change

Since Monday, I have been working out. I simply drive over to my church, climb stairs and walk up hills. It’s quite aerobic: the first set of stairs from the lower parking lot to the back garden is 41 steps (yes, that's an actual picture of them), and from parking lot #2 to the church is 21. There’s also a large main paved lot and a killer hill that gets you to the front door. It’s an absolutely great place to go and wear yourself out physically and I’m really surprised, albeit glad, that more people don’t make use of it.