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The Footballer's Wife

This is a guest post from The Urban Blabbermouth. Comments are welcome.
I am watching pre-season football and my beloved wife goes "Yuck" and runs out of the room.  She does not like football.  I don't know why.

I like football.  I like to watch the beginning and the end of games.  The middle tends to get dull.  In the beginning, I find out how competitive the team are, who will play well, and it sets the pattern for the rest of the game.  I watch the end to find out who won and why.  I see a recap of the best plays and the stupid mistakes.  This game that I am watching is now in the middle and has reached the dull part.  More repeat of what has gone on before. It's a strategy the teams use to pass the time, waiting until that time near the end to make their winning moves.  Sooo, it's a good time to write one of these rants and to bring out the "sports is life" metaphor.