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There's Music in the Air

This is a guest post by The Urban Blabbermouth.  Comments are welcome! ~ I like to read.  Whenever I read a particularly good story, I am impressed with the author’s creativity and imagination. I wonder how the author came up with the story, the characters, or the plot.  Just what goes on in the author’s head to write this fabulous thing? 
The last story I read that got me wondering about creativity is a short story by Haruki Murakami.  In the story, a new bride learns about her new husband’s failed attempt at a robbery that changed his life.  She says that he is cursed and now she too is cursed.  To remove the curse, they have to complete the failed robbery.  So the couple set out to do just that.  It’s such an odd story.  Where did this story come from?   Where in the world does Haruki Murakami get the inspiration for his work?  Critics try to tell you all about the creativity and imagination of authors, but the critics don’t know any more about the whys of creativity than I do.  The…