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Showing posts from September 22, 2013

What was new is now old. And vice-versa.

Perusing my rather oversized blogroll, I caught up with David at Raptitude, who tells of a smile-worthy custom in his hometown of Winnipeg. They have something called (to quote him directly)giveaway weekend, where citizens are encouraged to leave their unwanted home furnishings on the boulevard in front of their houses, for others to pick up if they like. Thrift-minded Winnipeggers hit the streets early Saturday, usually in pairs, to skulk through other people’s neighborhoods at creepy-slow speeds, hoping to find anything that may possibly be useful: worn-out golf bags, folding chairs, tarpaulins, drawerless dressers, dresserless drawers, sander belts, axe handles, maybe even a pair of Shake-Weights or a Jolly Jumper.

While my neck of the woods has the World's Longest Yard Sale in early August, spanning half a dozen states, strung out along a stretch of highway, you still have to bring money if you want to get something (even though it might be delightfully cheap). We also have Fre…