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Big Bang Theory Part 1

This is a guest post by The Urban Blabbermouth. Comments are welcome. ~
How old is God? Astrophysicists say that the universe is fifteen billion years old from Big Bang to present. So if God created Himself and created the universe at the same time then God is fifteen billion years old. It could be that God created Himself then sat around a while (a few billion years?) before creating the universe at Big Bang so we do not know God’s age but can say that His minimum age is fifteen billion years old. I am troubled with the idea that God can age and get old. Certainly does not fit with an all powerful all knowing God. Now fifteen billion years does not really tell us God’s age. Fifteen billion years is a really long time for us humans and just is too long for us to comprehend. After all what is a one hundred year human life span compared to fifteen billion years. We need some way to relate. We can use the human life cycle: Youth, Adolescent, Adult, Old Age. We need to know where fifteen bill…