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Showing posts from October 8, 2013

Worky Musings

There's been a fair amount going on behind the scenes lately. A good bit of fortunate timing in August had me perusing the company website, where I came across an open position back at the home office with a woman that I knew and liked. A couple of weeks went by after the resume was sent in. Assuming this was yet another strikeout, I continued my more or less casual job hunt with local employers. Then, surprise! She contacted me for a phone interview, which led to a second phone interview, then finally a face-to-face with her and a couple of managers. Less than three hours after that, I got the formal offer, which came with (surprise again!) a raise. The raise was most certainly welcome, but the biggest "perk" for me is a daily commute that takes six minutes each way instead of the 45 I've been enduring since 2009. It's also nice not to have to pay income tax to a state where I am not a resident.
     I started yesterday and so far it's been amazing. Even thou…

New Marriages For Old

Seems strange to me to be fussing about gay marriages when hetero marriages are in so much trouble. It’s not like hetero married couples were so great at marriages in the first place. Maybe the anti-gay folks should forget about protesting gay marriage and instead spend their time and energy work on fixing hetero marriages. Gay marriage will probably be small percentage of all marriages in the US if not the world. Fixing hetero marriages would help more people than anything else the anti-gay marriage folks could do. 
Two well known hetero marriage problems are the fifty-percent divorce rate and that large numbers of young folks are starting families without bothering to get married. 
Gay marriages will not be immune from these two major hetero marriage problems. Personally, I am waiting for the first really big celebrity gay marriage divorce that gets nasty and gossipy all over the front pages of the newspapers and will be the talk of late night comedy shows for months. Imagine a custod…