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Tug of War

This is a guest post by The Urban Blabbermouth. Comments are welcome! ~ Seems to me that women are always tugging at something.The most troublesome are skirts. Somehow, the women fit into the smallest one possible.   The most troublesome behavior occurs when traversing stairs in a short skirt. The skirts ride up. Two steps up, hem rides up followed by hem tug down. Another two steps up, hem rides up followed by another hem tug down; this sequence of events continuing until she gets to the top of the stairs. Invariably a lot of hem tugging and pulling by the woman to keep the skirt down. 
I appreciate women in short skirts as much as the next guy but sometimes it makes no sense to me that women wear one.  Make a better choice if you know that stairs are in your pathway.  The engineer in me wonders if it the skirt rides up differently if you are going up the stairs and as opposed to down the stairs. One day, I will have to hook up a GPS to a skirt to track the  movements. Maybe the solutio…