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You Can't Handle the Truth

This is a guest post by The Urban Blabbermouth. Comments are welcome!
I saw a commercial on TV where a cell phone was hooked up to  a stethoscope.  Amazing possibilities.   Your cell phone with the proper apps can now do medical things.  For example, your doctor can hook up an EKG monitoring device to you with a cell phone app.  At some point, maybe every five minutes, the medical data is sent to your doctor.   If the doctor sees something questionable, he calls you immediately.  It's like being in the hospital but you can still go about your regular daily activities.

Let's expand the use of this cell phone medical technology.   Let's install a lie detector app in your cell phone to monitor you.  Every time you speak, some light on your cell phone turns green If you are telling the truth or red if you are lying.  Imagine what that would do to dating where lots of lying goes on.  Not lying for evil purposes, mind you, but lying to make ourselves look more attractive to our …