Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Hairless Chihuahua


This is a guest post by The Urban Blabbermouth. Comments are welcome!
A guy at work astonished us all by mentioning that he shaves off all his pubic hair.  TMI, TMI, TMI.  Don't ask why or how he mentioned this.  I still cringe at the thought.  Still, as he brought it up, we wondered why?  He thinks that shaving off all his pubic hair makes him prettier to women in that area.  My first thought was that he must be kidding or he is secretly gay.  After all, he does wear a drop earring in each ear.

Now let's take a look at this shaving business. Guys now shave their heads. It is an accepted fashionable staple.   I am not sure how shaving your head got so popular.  I think that Michael Jordan did it then his fans just imitated him.  Lots of other guys jumped on it too because it solved the problem of bald spots or hair loss.  Bald spots, comb-overs or toupees are ugly or expensive.  Why not just shave off all the hair from your head.  Problem solved.

But down there?  Was there a bald spot problem in the pubic area?  Who would know?  It's not like things are on display for us to notice or to verify that you have a hair problem. I have never heard of a bald spot on pubic hair.  I can see that a comb-over or a toupee would not work there either.

So it's not a bald spot in the pubic hair.  Then where did this guy get this silly idea to shave off all his pubic hair?  Porn.  Yup, he got the idea watching porn, clearly too much porn.  Apparently, the men in porn shave off all their pubic hair.  I guess that one can make some sense of that, the pubic hair can get in the way of achieving a good view of the entire male part.   Women in porn also shave off all their pubic hair to help improve the view.  Given the nature of womanly parts, I can accept them shaving themselves. It is a professional thing for porn men and women to do.  I just hope that women do not take it on themselves to adopt a porn standard as their personal standard of beauty like this guy did.  I have yet to hear of anyone having a problem noticing the male organ particularly when the male part is quite excited.  The male part can stand up and out on its own.

You know, on reflection, this guy is probably not gay after all, he is just downright foolish.  He has mistaken a porn technique for reality.   I dread what he will think to do to himself when he eventually notices that the men in porn are extraordinarily, ahh, how to say it... gifted in that area.