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Keeping Up With The Kardashians


By The Urban Blabbermouth

Someone is creating an electronic money system on the internet and they have named it COINYE, a name play on Kanye West, the soon-to-be husband of Kim Kardashian.  Kanye is not happy about this and is suing them.  I would sue too as I think that the COINYE folks have mis-named it.  The electronic money should be called KarCASHians.   That is where the real money is.  The Kardashians have and make more money than Kayne, simply because there is a clan of them and he is only one guy.  KarCASHians, what a great idea, the Kardashians should change the spelling of their family name.  I will help them out and use the new spelling.

It is amazing that the KarCASHians have no talent and yet they are making pots of money.  They do this by behaving badly and broadcasting it on TV.  The TV folks are happy because you watch.   Then the KarCASHians use their name to promote products like perfume and clothes.  Their clothes line is called Kardashian Kollection.  I am not the only one who recognizes the value of playing off their name.

I am mistaken big time.  The KarCASHians do have talent.  I did not realized that until now.  They have a talent for behaving badly.  I never knew that this was a way to make a living.  Whenever I behaved as they do, my parents punished me.  I suspect that if I behaved that way today, my family and friends would desert me, unless... I made pots of money doing it.  That is the other KarCASHian talent, turning bad behavior into pots of money.  No wonder they changed the spelling of their name...

The KarCASHians have also spun off several TV shows about themselves from their main show.  Multiple opportunities to behave badly and to make bigger pots of money.  The more shows they have, the more they have to think of new and more outrageous ways to behave badly.  Let's see what we can expect from them.  Well, the KarCASHians now are having kids so the KarCASHian family will be outrageous in naming their next child -- Dollar Bill KarCASHian if it's a boy, Copper Penny KarCASHian, if it's a girl.  Copper Penny versus Dollar Bill, hmm, that's sexist to give a boy a higher value than a girl. 

Kim and Kanye have a child named North West.  For their next girl, they can name her Golden Coinye West.  That's assuming that Kim and Kanye do not pick from South West, East West, or West West.  Makes you wonder what childhood trauma Kanye suffered.  Must have gotten lost in the woods.  At least he is more creative than George Foreman who named all five of his sons...George Foreman. My favorite choice for a name is Moola KarCASHian. 

The KarCASHians have shown us that if you make pots of money by behaving badly, then that bad behavior is forgiven and becomes good behavior.  I don't get it, but there it is.


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