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Mob Wives


This is a guest post from The Urban Blabbermouth. Comments are welcome.

Where are the female Mafia bosses? There are female police commissioners, female sheriffs, female FBI agents but no female Mafia bosses.

I imagine that most women would not want this job, but I guarantee that there are a few criminal-minded sociopathic women out there with ambitions for the job. The ironic thing is that the female Mafiosi would still confront the same equality problems that all women face. It is well established that a woman must have far better skills and be more accomplished than her male colleagues to succeed in male dominated jobs. A female Mafioso criminal mastermind would have to be smarter, meaner, wickeder, and bloodthirstier than her colleagues. Surely, such women already exist but we just have not yet heard of them.

It may well be that she is so clever that she has not yet been noticed by the police. After all, one of the skills of a criminal mastermind is to avoid getting caught and sent to prison. So the police do not know that she exists and that she is out there running the Mafia. Maybe she has to hide her identity from her male Mafiosi underlings. Let's face it, macho Mafiosi do not think kindly of taking orders from a woman. The male Mafiosi probably see her all the time and talk to her all time but have no idea that she is their boss.

If the police experts, not to mention her own Mafiosi underlings, do not recognize her, then we, the public, would be clueless. After all, we do rely on the police for this sort of thing. This female Mafioso could be a well known person, perhaps a person we would often see on TV, but none of us would know her true identity. Nothing like hiding in plain sight.

Constantly referring to the female mafioso boss as the female this or the female that, is awkward. We need a proper title to match. It is easy to use "The Godmother" instead of “The Godfather” but what is the female equivalent of “The Don”? Possibly, “The Donna”? Not bad, certainly feminized. How about the more regal, “Madonna”?

Just a minute, isn't there an Italian woman from New York City who already uses that name? Do you suppose...


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