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by The Urban Blabbermouth

An odd thought, why do humans have orgasms?  Well more accurately, women can become pregnant without experiencing any orgasm, while men cannot ejaculate without a corresponding orgasm.  This discrepancy has been burning up hours of thought and research at all the prestigious universities in the world and they have no answer.  I now turn my inquisitive mind to it.

It is a strange thing that women do not need an orgasm to participate in the reproductive process but men do.  I am unable to fathom mother nature's purpose in this discrepancy.  Let's say that the primary purpose of sex is reproduction.  Why then do we need orgasms?  Let's get rid of it.  Mother nature could have arranged it so that men do not need an orgasm to deliver their sperm.  Ejaculation could have been set up like a sneeze.  When we sneeze, the body is attempting to eject a dust particle from our nose.  No orgasm there.  So, if there is some stimulation to the male part, muscles will contract, and the body ejects the sperm without the orgasmic fanfare.  Then, both men and women can successfully reproduce without the presence of an orgasm for anybody.  A downside to this is that all men will be required to wear face masks for protection when sneezing in public.

If we have no orgasms, then why would we want to have sex?  Well, mother nature could have set things up differently here too. Consider how hunger works.  At some point you feel the need to eat, so you do.  That desire is built into you. Following the hunger example, you would feel the need to reproduce and you do, without any expectation of an orgasm.  Instinct would take over.  Women already have something of this approach.  At some point women become fertile and may have a corresponding increase in their desire to have babies regardless of their interest in sex or in any orgasm. Maybe that is the famous "ticking clock."   Well, men could also have the same instinct, become fertile, and have a desire to have babies regardless of their interest in sex. This may explain the male tendency to take a girl out to eat while on a date and then to have incredible desires to have sex with her afterwards.

There are some other secondary aspects to sex.  The sex and orgasm adds to the pair bonding.  People who engage in intimacy are attracted to each other and sex, including orgasm, strengthens this bond.  However, the pair bonding is not all that long lasting as is shown by the rate of divorce, the rate of adultery, and, gulp, the rate of pre-mature ejaculation.

I saw curious thesis on the internet.  It says that women really have three parts to them: the clitoris for orgasms, the urethra for urinary purposes, and the vagina for reproduction.  Men, on the other hand, have the male equivalent of the same three parts combined into one organ, the penis. This thesis posits that mother nature is still experimenting with us.  Mother nature is going on an alternate way of separating parts but has not yet finish evolving.  Women just turn out to be ahead of the evolutionary curve where their fertility is separated from their orgasms and, at some point, men will catch up.  Interesting, but I am skeptical of this.  Perhaps the all-in-one nature of the penis accounts for the male obsession with their penis and the three part nature of women accounts for their ability to multi-task.  But, that is off topic.

Getting rid of orgasms for everybody strikes me as a lousy solution to the discrepancy that women do not need an orgasms to participate in the reproductive process but men do.  What if to establish feminine equality with men, mother nature made it so that women must have an orgasm before an egg can present itself for fertilization?  It would mean that women can only have an orgasm once a month.  Another lousy solution.

So after all this, we have circled back to the question of why do humans have orgasms?  I don't know but I am not complaining.


Anonymous said…
I am not concerned with women's orgasms. What I want to know is why women live so much longer than men?
It could be that men's orgasms shorten their life. Have less orgasms and live longer. What do you choose?

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