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The Miley Wrecking Ball


This is a guest post from The Urban Blabbermouth. Comments are welcome. Vol-E picked out the illustration because she don't like ugly!


Miley Cyrus has brought a wrecking ball to her reputation as an innocent and sweet girl.  She is now a sexy sensuous adult woman. No subtlety here. The media has made a fuss, which is what she had in mind.  Many have said that she was over-the-top promoting herself, but how else to quickly and quite sharply change the world's image of you?   To  her, I say, wow and well done.

Don't you wish that you could do the same?  Imagine that one morning, you get up and realize that your life has been the same for the last five years and worse, your life has now started to go in a direction that you do not want.  What to do? How to change it?  Can you get up one morning and decide to be different?  Can you get up and be a superhero from this day forth?  That is what Miley has done. She got up, changed her life and the world in one moment.  How full of envy and jealousy you must be.

So why don't you change?  You can see lots of chains holding you back. The chains have names like bills, children, friends and family.  They are all holding you in place.  The bills do not go away.  Of course they do, make a plan and pay them off...gone. Children, well that is tougher as they do require a home and love. You still need those for yourself so share with your children, but it does not have to be the home where you are now in your current neighborhood and state. Better yet, make a change and you will become a role model to your children on how one can live a life. Friends and family will either adapt to your change or stop speaking to you.  To be somewhat brutal, get some new ones if they stop speaking to you.  Anyway, once your current friends and family see the new you, they may like the new you so much better.  Your change will trigger changes in them.  The old you was probably helping to keep them chained in their place and they were not thanking you for it.

I make it sound so simple.  It is not, but there are always changes you can make.  Unlike Miley, it may take you many years to accomplish your change.  If it takes five years, then so be it.  You will still be here on earth in five years, so make changes and put yourself in a better place.

One more thing about Miley Cyrus's change: She chose to become a sexy sensuous adult woman.  Why that?  She could have changed from music to go on to become a medical doctor or to run for mayor with an eye towards becoming president.  Perhaps it is because of her sense of herself as a sexual adult woman.  She went into one of the more taboo places -- openly expressed female sexuality.  Maybe it is strong in her and she likes it and must live it.  I don't know, but I wonder how many women have this strong feeling and hide it away so as to appear chaste and demure while they are raging inside.  One only has to look at the popularity of the Fifty Shades of Gray books (I have not read them so I cannot say more) or all those nude selfies propagated on the internet to get a feeling that there is a strong and deep female sensual wave out there, bottled up.  Hmm, this has the makings of another post.

Miley is to be commended for shaking up her life, for shaking up our lives too, and for showing us how one may go about having an interesting and fulfilling life.  All this from a twenty-one year old.  Amazing.


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