Saturday, February 1, 2014

Kim who?

By The Urban Blabbermouth
My blog post, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, has sparked a question in my mind: Kim Kardashian has no known talent nor is she an undiscovered genius, so why is she so popular and why are so many people interested in her?  The answer is different reasons for men and for women.

For men, Kim is a woman so it is about sex.  Men do not see a person but a sex object.  Nothing new here.  Kim plays to this.  She is pretty, curvaceous, and flaunts it.  She comes across as the girl of your sex dream, approachable, sexually non-threatening, but out of your league.  In short, she is seen by many men as a walking p****y.

For women, well I do not know what women see.  Here I have to speculate and give you a man's view.  I suspect that Kim represents a liberated woman of some kind.  Kim flaunts rules that other women find binding them in place.  Kim bends society's rules about what a woman's behaviors are supposed to be in a way that benefits herself.  So for women, she is a liberating role model.  Let's face it, whatever men chose to do, they have the power to make it the right thing to do.  Women lack this but Kim has some of this power and perhaps that is why women follow her.  That she uses her body to acquire this power it is not so important to women just that she can and does have it.  Women may not like her behavior but they admire that she can bend rules of womanly behavior and still be accepted in our society.

Stumbled across a site that asks readers for a comparison of Kim Kardashian to Lena Dunham called Cultureby.  You can read the results for yourself.  My simple thought is that it is a comparison of the party girl to the intellectual nerd.  Isn't that the same comparison that we made of our Presidents, George W. Bush, the frat boy, to Barack Obama, the policy wonk?  CultureBy also asked a very interesting question, Who is really Kim Kardashian, and how is she in reality versus her created public image?  I do not think that there will be a true answer to the question unless Kim or one of her friends respond.

Kim has not created anything new.  She is only the latest in a line of women who have used this approach.  I still remember Marilyn Monroe.  Kim may be the next Marilyn, to be remembered for the next fifty years.

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Vol-E said...

Since you ask what women think of Kardashians and their ilk, I can offer you my POV.
There's a lot of schadenfreude in the mix. Women will often look at someone like Kim and think "Yeah, she's got all that money, but one day she's gonna get what's coming to her, just like Anna Nicole Smith did!!" I think the mentality is that people with that kind of money and fame don't have any self-control, and that will lead to their doom via drug overdoses or homicide.

It is interesting that some years after "they get what's coming to them," many of the same people who consciously or subconsciously wished them ill will come to look upon them with pity. People hated Anna Nicole when she had her own TV show ("Sugarpie, shut the f***up!!!") but after she had the baby and then suddenly died, it was "She was so pathetic, how could anyone have hated her?" There's something about a person (and not just a woman, more about that in a second) who seems exempt from the usual rules and consequences, that sets us up to expect a bad end. It's like the universe has to come back into balance or something. Another element, of course, is the fact that people like Kim seem to have no clue as to their privilege. We may not be super-fond of Angelina Jolie, but when we see her using her money and influence to assist people less fortunate than herself, it takes the edge off the green meanies.

And no, it is not just "women hating on women." Ask me about Rush Limbaugh sometime.