Friday, July 4, 2014

Marriage in Black and White


by The Urban Blabbermouth

I saw a remark on Twitter, "10 years from now same sex marriage and pot smoking will be normal and legal but America will still be anti-black." The author missed a point about the power of white men to get their way.   Let's take a look at how white men influenced gays, pot, and then how they will influence Black America.

Gay people are now permitted to marry in many states.  They accomplished this by first coming out of the closet.  Then many white men, especially conservatives, realized that their loved and close family members turned out to be gay.  Many members of Congress learned that their children are gay.  Former Vice President Chaney's daughter turns out to be a lesbian.  White men wanted to help and protect their family members so they began to change the laws.

This principle of protecting family members also applies to pot smoking.  Many parents, that is the white fathers, do not want their kids arrested by the police, and certainly not for pot smoking.  Parents may view pot as less of an issue as the parents have smoked pot too.  There is now a whole generation of parents who smoked pot and they managed to have a decent life so they see no reason that their kids should be arrested for pot smoking.  Hence, changes in the law.

Ten years from now, Anti-Black America will be different.  Things will get better for the same reason that gays got marriage: White men want to protect their family members.    As more white men start marrying black women, America will change.  The white men will want to protect their wives.  End result — black women will have more equality, less discrimination and more social acceptance. 

On the other hand, ten years from now, Black men will still be going to jail.  White men still will not like black men marrying white women.


Vera Halina said...

great points. but some of these white men have daughters that are having black/mixed babies... some of them love their children enough to start understanding the blend and then hopefully want to learn and understand the culture...its a slow going process , but there is hope. I am biracial for 50 years and Ive seen a bit of progress :)

The Urnab Blabbermouth said...

@Vera Halina. I did neglect that white men are having bi-racial children and grandchildren. Thank you for bringing it up. That also presents the well know issue, What is then Black Culture. A story--The lady who sits next to me at work had a hard time with her daughters (she has 2 girls)hair. The daughters learned on their own. They earned so much that One of them became a hair stylist/ esthetician.


Anonymous said...

When white men marry black women, they pick the darkest women. Light skin black women have no chance.